In this video I show you how to create an Investment Portfolio totally funded by free money!

Last week, my husband and I realized that we needed a new vacuum. I found the one that I wanted but it was $400. My husband is so smart when it comes to savings that he went out and found it on line for $80!

My new vacuum

Original Price:$400

Researched and found on line for: ($80)

Shipping: ($30)

Total Cost of new Vacuum: $110


I needed a new headset for my phone but I kept putting it off because it was $350 for a new unit. My husband told me that all I needed was this little ear piece. So he went off to perform his magic again.

Original Price:
To replace just the broken piece:
Total cost to replace broken headset:




That’s a savings of over $600!

Do you know that if you were able to invest $500 a month for 20 years at 7% you would have $250,000 for retirement.

The important tip is to stop, look, and listen before you buy anything. Just take a moment to look at the options. Are there savings opportunities that you are missing? Have you checked for store coupons, credit card points, Craig’s list, or eBay? Ask the stores if they are offering any specials or have any coupons. It never hurts to ask. I did this at Staples last week it saved me an additional $20 on the flip chart I was purchasing. All of these tips have saved my husband and I hundreds every month and allow us to add tens of thousands every year into our retirement plans.

The secret is to:

  1. Take time before you buy to do your research on pricing, coupons, points.
  2. After you make the purchase, take the physical dollars and save them somewhere:
    • Piggy bank
    • Savings account (cash reserves/emergency funds)
    • Apply to Credit Card debt
    • Add to an IRA account to increase your 401K at work
  3. Track all your income daily:
    • Keep a record of all the money your earn, save or find
    • Add it up at the end of the month and you will begin earning, attracting and keeping more.

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