5 Steps to Your Money Brilliance


The Revolutionary Way to Create Financial Peace


If you’re like the majority of people, money issues are a primary stressor in your life and business.
If you have…
Read financial self-help books,
Prepared a budget and tried to stick to it,
Tried affirmations or investing in prosperity programs,
and still feel you’re not where you want to be financially,
Then this program is for you.

You know a better life is possible. A life of abundance, being able to create and keep wealth, get paid what you are worth and to be able to sleep peacefully at night. 

You know there is a solution, and you can’t help but ask yourself:

“Can I really have a joyful, debt-free and abundant life
so I can follow my bliss, make a difference and 
live a life I love?”

The answer is YES, YOU CAN!

And you can start right now!

  • If you are in debt and can’t seem to break the cycle
  • If you have money but are afraid of losing it
  • If you want financial peace so you can enjoy more time with your family and friends

…but you don’t know HOW to attract the kind of money and joy you want in your life,
then let me take you by the hand and show you how!

Hi! I’m Katana Abbott and I will tell you more about who I am shortly, but first, I want to ask you:

What if you could.
  • Achieve ongoing prosperity and abundance by living in alignment with your purpose and passion?
  • Rely on a sound strategy and step-by-step plan that would allow you to clean up and forgive your debt so you can live with more ease, joy and grace?
  • Release fear, doubt or those old beliefs that sap your energy, crush your momentum and sabotage your success?
  • Learn time tested secrets and tools to creating and building true wealth, so you know which choice to make and which action to take?
  • Transform your relationship with money so it will flow easily into your experience (and your bank account!)?

You CAN have all of this! Here’s how…

“5 Steps to Your Money Brilliance!” 

MDB-programIf you want to create an amazing life that is spiritually, emotionally AND financially rewarding we invite you to dig in to 5 Steps to Your Money Brilliance!

In this program, you will not only get clear on WHAT is happening in your financial life, but more importantly Why. And you will get a strategic, practical plan to make your vision a reality.

For instance, you will:

  • Identify your money story — those experiences that not only made you who you are today, but may still be showing up in your life in very negative ways.
  • Clarify your new money story by forgiving and releasing the negative emotions surrounding your money story.
  • Dissolve your fears around money by knowing them for what they are (and what they’re not), so they can’t stop you from moving forward.
  • Slay the mental and emotional dragons that threaten to scare you away from what you were meant to be and do.
  • Quiet those voices that tell you, “You can’t” “You shouldn’t” “This will never work.”
  • Create a clear, step-by-step strategy for getting out of debt based on emotional and logical practices.
  • Get smart about the money you have now and create an action plan that allows for a lot more!
  • Learn how to combine the spiritual and practical laws of money so you always feel on top of your game, ready for anything, and able to live with more ease, energy and joy.
  • Identify your unique abilities and strengths as well as those that drain your energy.
  • Establish a new relationship with money, one that allows you to let it flow easily into your life.

5 Steps to Your Money Brilliance

will allow you to unleash your personal power with money, rediscover your greatest strengths and realign your energy, beliefs, and actions around money so you can experience true joy and abundance.

If you’ve been thinking that you can’t live the life you love and may end up struggling every day to make ends meet…


Those kinds of thoughts are simply the result of an old, practiced belief that isn’t even true! It’s a myth that was given to you and reinforced by people who simply didn’t know another way!

I’ll show you another way! I will show how to how to release your old money story through a proven systems and strategies that will allow you to fulfill your life purpose with joy, ease and prosperity.

Remember, how we do money
 is how we do everything!

To create a financial breakthrough, you must deal with the root causes. I’ve packaged the most effective tools from my 25 years of experience and created this exclusive and transformational system.

Whether you are building, rebuilding or realigning your financial life, this proprietary system is designed to transform your life and your relationship with money forever!


It’s been about seven months since I completed the Money Drama Breakthrough courses and..

I can honestly say that I use the tools every day. I’m saving money, paying off debt and most importantly, not creating new debt. While I still hit bumps in the road, I don’t get completely derailed. I know what I need to do when money doesn’t seem to be flowing and I can refer back to my notes, journaling and workbooks to see where I might be getting stuck.

Awareness is the key. Just knowing my personal money story and where it came from puts me in control. There are many awesome women in this program who are willing and able to extend a helping hand if you are having trouble getting started.”

Jacqueline Case, Entrepreneur


Ready For The Details?

5 Steps to Your Money Brilliance” consists of:
  • 5 audio sessions
  • Full transcripts of each session
  • 47-page Workbook filled with all the processes, exercises, explorations and worksheets you need.
  • Plus… Several Bonus systems, like financial planners, time management systems, expert interviews, the Money Drama Quiz and money worksheets.
Every recorded session comes with a Step-by-Step Study Guide that you can print out and use at your own pace.

Here’s an Outline of What Each Session Will Give You…

Money Drama Module 1
tick Get Clarity Now!

Identify the money story you grew up with and how it’s still showing up in your life.

tick Get Clarity Now!

Release that “story” that keeps you stuck in the past and unable to create wealth or live in joy. 

tick Get Clarity Now!

Learn the secret exercise for winning the Money and Mind Game. 

tick Get Clarity Now!

Leverage your new-found clarity and intention by dreaming  BIG and creating your vision for money in your life. 

You will also receive: The Money Tracker worksheet to help keep you focused on attracting money into your life daily!  Money is simply energy.


whitespace Get Clarity Now
Money Drama Module 2
tick Get Clarity Now!

Identify what is standing in your way when it comes to making and keeping money and manifesting your dream.

tick Get Clarity Now!

Get clear about where you are right now and how to get to where you want to be.

tick Get Clarity Now!

Release the shame around debt and understand why it may not be your fault.

tick Get Clarity Now!

Plan out a debt payoff plan based on emotional and logical practices.

tick Get Clarity Now!

Learn to shift your feeling of scarcity to one of abundance

tick Get Clarity Now!

Implement practices to increase cash flow and attract more money!

tick Get Clarity Now!

Set pay off milestones to help improve your debt payoff mindset.


You will also receive: The Money Drama Quiz to help you identify where you are sabotaging your ability to make, create and grow wealth, as well as where you are standing in your power with money so you can rise swiftly to the next level of success and prosperity in your life and business.

whitespace Get Clarity Now
Money Drama Module 2
tick Get Clarity Now!

Create daily, weekly, monthly, and annual financial accountability actions.

tick Get Clarity Now!

How to move beyond those fears so you never become paralyzed or overwhelmed, by building your self-worth account..

tick Get Clarity Now!

Transform fear into enthusiasm, depression into peace, and limiting beliefs into magical results and gratitude.

tick Get Clarity Now!

The key to creating money peace through a savings system that will allow you to feel abundant.

tick Get Clarity Now!

How to break free of your income limitations and soar beyond your boundaries with money.

 You will also receive: The Expense Tracking Worksheets to help you increase your clarity and confidence with money.

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Money Drama Module 4
tick Get Clarity Now!

How to establish an abundance mindset so you can experience effortless prosperity. 

tick Get Clarity Now!

Identify how you are giving away your money power and how regain it.

tick Get Clarity Now!

Identify those activities that generate income and those that drain your energy. 

tick Get Clarity Now!

5 exercises to break through your fears and step into your brilliance with money.

tick Get Clarity Now!

The most important intentional act for creating an unending flow of prosperity.

You will also receive: The Perfect Life Time System, a revolutionary time-management system that will keep you focused on creating wealth, simplifying your life and living with more joy and abundance every day.

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Money Drama Module 5
tick Get Clarity Now!

How to pull together your financial documents so you can see exactly where you stand and where you want to be

tick Get Clarity Now!

A revolutionary process to turn your goals and values into big bold affirmations to raise your vibration and activate the Law of Attraction.

tick Get Clarity Now!

Create and outline a smart financial plan for your future and build your new financial blueprint.

tick Get Clarity Now!

Support, wisdom and guidance from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional.

You will also receive: The Perfect Life Financial Organizer Planner to help you see where you stand financially so you can step up to a new level of income, clarity and confidence.


Susan Sklar 2012

After working with Katana, I am enjoying myself more than ever and my closing ration for new patients has soared to 70%.

Katana has inspired me to new confidence resulting in increased business and more importantly, increased personal happiness.”

Dr. Susan Sklar, Anti Aging Expert www.SklarCenter.com


Pierette Domenica SimpsonWorking with Katana has been invaluable for my finances and my business. As my first financial advisor she set me on a path to financial independence, allowing me to retire early from teaching and pursue my dream of being an author. Since my retirement, I have published two books and become a professional speaker. In the process, Katana has continued to support me by providing valuable connections and other innovative resources.

She is not only a wealth coach but a wealth of information! Moreover, through her personal guidance, I have become confident in dealing with my finances, feeling free to spend on travel and other pleasures. Thank you very much Katana!”

Pierette Domenica Simpson, Author and Speaker www.PieretteSimpson.com


Get Ready Because a Change is Coming!
Now Is YOUR Time to Get Clear about Money, Ignite Your Clarity,
Release Your Old Money Story,
Connect With Your Spirit, and Live Your Dream,

This Program Will Take You There!
I Know! I’ve Proved It for Myself and Others!

I’ve tested these techniques in the laboratories of my own life, and with hundreds of clients. They’ve worked transforming lives. I know they will work for you, too!

This program will give you the tools, guidance and support you need to step into your personal power with money so you experience an ever-increasing prosperity.  

Remember, how you handle money will affect every area of your life and those around you, including your health, happiness and of course your wealth. 

Here’s a bit about who I am and how 5 Steps to Your Money Brilliance has worked in my life:

image002Katana Abbott, CFP® is a nationally acclaimed authority on money, mindset and women. As a Life and Legacy Wealth Coach, she is a featured author in the books Thank God I and Stepping Stones to Success with Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield. She is also the host of Smart Women Talk Radio with over 400,000 subscribers.

Rising from a life of adversity and poverty, she built a successful financial planning practice where she managed over $100 million in assets. At 48, she felt a calling to do something more, and because she had created systems and a team that allowed her business to run without her, Katana was able sell her business for one million dollars and retire to something – not from something.

In 2003, Katana launched the Smart Women’s Coaching Program®, a global online community where women learn, grow and connect and access powerful resources to create wealth, start and grow businesses and simply live happier lives. Katana lives her coaching philosophy daily working from her lakefront home office and enjoys her philanthropic work, oil painting, boating, and leading women’s retreats to Costa Rica and Panama.


Victoria TraboshWorking with Katana in a very laser session about money and my money personality brought a seismic shift in my understanding of my belief not only around money, but what I believe is possible for myself. 
This work for me is the final piece (and peace) of the puzzle. Clarity of my long held beliefs which serve or don’t serve me allows me to only carry forward that which leads to my growth.
Incredible work can be done with Katana if you’re willing to show up and allow her to use her experience, tools, wisdom and intellect. From chaos to clarity is exactly what happened for me. Thank you Katana – I’m thrilled with what we did (and will continue to do) together!”
Victoria Trabosh, Executive Coach and Speaker www.VictoriaTrabosh.com



I had my Money Breakthrough Method Coaching Session with Katana today and it was phenomenal.
Her laser focus helped me discover what my core disempowering beliefs around money are. As well as help me discover what my core way of dealing with money has been in my life. She was spot on in her assessment and she gave me more clarity of focus. Now I can pay attention to and notice when I am coming from a disempowering belief and then choose differently (than I have in the past). I highly recommend her services and cannot wait for her new course coming soon. Thank you Katana for helping me step into my new power with money!!”

Christina Nitschmann


In this program, I offer you something you won’t find anywhere else!

The perfect combination of deep spiritual wisdom and financial expertise swirled together with my own transformational life experiences. Where else will you get this? Nowhere!

I want to be clear. 5 Steps to Your Money Brilliance is NOT an instant fix!

The amazing outcomes gained from this program are not a “get-it-done-in-a-weekend” program. This is a deeply spiritual, transformational process, and it takes time. However, the incredible results are worth every minute you invest!

You will be asked to face your fears, confront old demons and, yes, let go of those old beliefs that are keeping you from having the prosperity and happiness you desire.

But what else is there to do?

This is your chance to create a life that is aligned with your purpose, your passion, and the vision you hold in your heart, by taking control of your money. This is your chance to create money peace on your terms, and experience more satisfaction, joy, fulfillment, and prosperity than you ever dreamed was possible.

And you don’t have to do it alone!

5 Steps to Your Money Brilliance will be your personal guide and resource as you understand yourself better, create your vision for the future, move past your fears,  design a sound financial strategy, and experience ever-increasing prosperity, joy and grace.

I have created a package deal especially for you. This includes:

The 5 audio sessions, available as downloadable MP3s.
Full transcripts of each session.
A 47-page Workbook with all the processes, exercises, explorations and worksheets you need.
Private Facebook Group with other Smart Women to network globally, share successes and get support. I’ll be in there working with you!


Several Bonus systems, like financial planners, time management systems, expert
interviews, the Money Drama Quiz and money worksheets.

And…lifetime access to this rich, password protected, web-based program so you can come back again and again.  This means you won’t need to download all the content on your computer or worry about losing it!

Sign Up Now and Receive over $400 in Extra Bonuses…

When you invest in 5 Steps to Your Money Brilliance you will receive three programs and live coaching that will help you create more confidence, clarity, and income in a step-by-step manner… for free!


Bonus Gift #1: Six Pillars to Awakened Prosperity! In this 30-minute video I will share my six step system that you can use to become financially successful, while being spiritually aligned to your purpose.  I’ll show you how I used this process over and over to take my own life from poverty and adversity to living the life of my dreams.  It’s possible and I can’t wait to show you how!
Bonus Gift #2: How to Breakthrough your Fears and Step Into Your Brilliance! A six page workbook and training video where I share five of the most powerful exercises you can do to increase your confidence, clarity and income.  We all face self-doubt and it’s time to break through your limiting beliefs and allow more abundance to flow effortlessly with joy and grace.
Bonus Gift #3: Clearing Your Money Clutter! In this Masterclass, you will learn how to break free of unconscious, self-sabotaging money habits and beliefs, and gain control of your relationship with money by understanding the five money personalities and why it’s important to know which one you are.
Office white phone


Bonus Gift #4: 90-Minute Group Money Breakthrough Intensive Coaching and Review Session with Q&A! Spend a content rich call with Katana at the end of your 5-week course to review key concepts, techniques and learn important next steps. Katana will be joined Chris Freer, author of Blueprint for Success and creator of the M-Gap system, which closes the gap between desire and results. Katana and Chris will guide you through a critical recap of the program, answer your questions and coach you through any challenges that you won’t want to miss! 

This session is a $400 Value!

Still on the fence?
Take a test drive, on me.

Money Drama Guarantee

Are you ready?

Join me! Follow the call of your heart and soul. Step over the threshold.
Have the life, work and prosperity you truly want.
Or are you going to stay stuck and weary where you are?
It’s up to you.

There is a way, a step-by-step journey that leads to the life you were meant to live and the prosperity you were meant to have. 5 Steps to Your Money Brilliance will lead you there.

__ Yes! I’m ready to learn how to live my life’s purpose with passion and let the money flow in!

I understand that 5 Steps to Your Money Brilliance will:
  • lead me through a deep process that takes time and a willingness to face my fears, doubts and beliefs
  • allow me to liberate myself from what keeps me from living my heart’s desire

I understand that this program consists of:
  • 5 mp3 audio recordings
  • Full transcripts of each recording
  • a 47-page Workbook with all the processes, exercises, explorations and worksheets I need.
  • Private Facebook Group with other Smart Women to network globally, share successes and get support.
  • Several Bonus systems, like financial planners, time management systems, and worksheets.
  • Lifetime access to this password protected program
  • Plus… my Bonus gifts listed above valued at over $400, including a 90 minute Group Coaching Session with Q&A!

Program and Bonuses Valued at $697 

Purchase Today Just $97 (save $600)

Very Limited One-Time Offer!


box shedow sales

I have walked this path before you so I know how scary and uncertain it can be to take this first step. But know this. With 5 Steps to Your Money Brilliance I have cleared the brambles from your path, given you a road map, secrets and every tool you’ll ever need for a safe and deeply satisfying journey to the fulfillment of your heart’s desire and your life true prosperity.

With gratitude and blessings,

Katana Abbott, CFP®
Founder Smart Women’s Coaching® and Midlife Millionaires®

~Create Wealth, Make a Difference and Live a Life You Love!

P.S. Don’t waste another day tolerating a path that keeps you struggling financially, scared and unable to sleep at night. Why keep living a life that drains your energy and saps your joy when you can say “yes” to living a rich and rewarding life? Remember, this is a risk-free offer. You have my 100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 days. Go for it!


I have known Katana for over five years and I have found that she consistently walks her walk and talks her talk.

 Katana really cares about you and your business and, she will work with you until you get the “aha’s” that will make the BIG difference in your business and with your money. She has decades of financial experience and she is outstanding in helping her clients move forward in having their money dreams come true. “

Ruth Klein, 6 Time Best Selling Author, Expert Celebrity & Book Coach



Working with Katana has helped me in so many areas of my financial planning practice.
We were able to identify and eliminate several of the roadblocks preventing me from moving to the next level in my business. Katana’s creative ideas and knowledge of the financial planning industry combine to make her an invaluable resource. I look forward to continuing with Katana on this road to personal and professional growth with her as my guide. She has the total package of coaching resources and experience to help me realize my greatest potential.”
Rebecca Salama, Ameriprise Financial



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