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I’ve personally helped hundreds of women transform
their lives, their businesses and their finances.
My passion is to do the same for you.
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Rising from a life of poverty, abuse, and adversity, I know too well the struggles of trying to achieve financial security. For 30 years I have helped women transform their lives and their finances. I began my career in 1987 with American Express Financial Advisors (now known as Ameriprise Financial) where I became a Certified Financial Planner™ professional. At one point, I was managing over $100 million in assets. I was at the top of my game.

And then something happened …

I had “the feeling” – the one you may be having right now.

I had a “calling” – a purpose I was not fulfilling in my soul.

I began the same reinvention process that I now teach my clients. Helping women through self-discovery, healing, and creating true prosperity in their lives was the driving force to establish my coaching programs for women.

At 47, I sold my financial planning practice to launch the Smart Women Companies™ which includes Smart Women’s Coaching®, Midlife Millionaires® and Smart Women’s Empowerment™. This allowed me to offer private wealth coaching, free online resources, transformation retreats, and host Smart Women Talk Radio™.

I know today that it was the right choice because over the last 10 years, I have been able to reach over 1 million women globally with my inspirational message of financial empowerment. I’ve helped women transform their lives, their businesses and their finances through my private coaching and retreats. I’ve authored several books, inspired audiences and worked in women’s shelters with my message of hope. In addition I am helping individuals create and leave their Legacy.

No matter where you are on your journey, I can support you. Let’s talk about you and find out what your dreams and challenges are. Its time to reach out and connect.

“Working with Katana has been invaluable for my finances and my business.
As my first financial advisor she set me on a path to financial independence, allowing me to retire early from teaching and pursue my dream of being an author.

Since my retirement, I have published two books, produced a movie and become a professional speaker. In the process, Katana has continued to support me by providing valuable connections and other innovative resources. Thank you very much Katana!”

Pierette Domenica Simpson

Author, Speaker and Award Winning Film Producer

“Working with you has been eye opening and soul opening. During our time together, I was able to identify and release my limiting beliefs. In addition I moved confidently through the mediation of my divorce and gained clarity in my life and finances as an artist, entrepreneur and a philanthropist. What we accomplished together is mind blowing. I couldn’t get over the “before and after” lists. You are incredible and I am grateful for all of your patience and guidance. Thank you for everything…. WOW!” 

Tara Dixon

Artist and Owner of Gratitude Designs

“Before working with Katana my biggest challenge was expanding my reach and making more money.  Katana showed me how to delegate so many of the tasks I was doing myself that allowed me to free myself up for ‘revenue-generating’ activities.  She linked me with partners to assist me in reaching more customers and helped me to take my marketing into the 21st century.  I have completely redesigned my website and my web hits are up 25%.  I am less stressed than I was and able to accomplish more each day.”  

Jean Adrienne

Author, TV Host and Spiritual Counselor

“Katana used her experience to help quell my long-held fears about money! She did a complete assessment of my financial situation, and helped me make some important financial decisions that will enable me to do what I want to in the future. She is wise and resourceful, especially in helping me to feel less overwhelmed. I’m grateful to Katana for her thoughtful and gentle coaching.”

Lanette Thurman PhD

Leadership and Business Coach

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