SWE Advisory Board Member, Susanne Forbes-Dicker, Chelsea Abbott, Katana, Kirsten Abbott, and Lorraine Schultz (sitting)

I visited a dear friend, Lorraine Schultz, last weekend with Susanne and my two daughters.

Lorraine was the founder of the Women in Automotive Association International and actually played a huge role in bringing leather seating to the U.S. automotive market as an executive with the Leather Guild. Lorraine was honored recently with the Northwood University Distinguished Woman Award for her philanthropic and volunteer efforts during her lifetime.

Today, Lorraine is living in a private home with assisted living. There are so many innovative options for us to choose from as we age; including large retirement villages with multiple levels of care, assisted living facilities with memory care, and of course, in-home care.

While we were visiting, Lorraine shared stories about her life. As a Life and Legacy Coach, I have a system and resources to make the process of collecting the stories, pictures, and wisdom from our elders effortless and fun. All too often we miss this process altogether or begin only after it’s too late.

“Legacy is more than money.
It’s what others feel and remember when they say or hear your name.”

If you are interested in capturing the stories, lessons, and wisdom of your loved ones, feel free to check out the free resources at www.LegacyStories.org or for one-on-one help, email me back at [email protected]

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