Smart Women's Coaching®

Coaching is an INVESTMENT in YOU!
Find the Clarity, Confidence and Focus to CREATE a life you LOVE!

Are you a smart, successful, soul-centered woman who is:

  • Ready to REINVENT your life, business or finances?
  • Yearning for more freedom, ease, and flow?
  • Being called to greatness?
  • Ready to travel, mastermind, and connect with like-minded women?
  • Exploring your soul’s journey to discover your true purpose in this life?
  • Wanting to create wealth while making a difference?
  • Ready to take your life and income to a whole new level?

I can help you transform your life to include:

  • Peace of mind — release and heal any limiting beliefs
  • Financial freedom and income
  • Less stress because you are able to slow down
  • Greater health by making time for self-care
  • More confidence to stand in your personal power
  • Ability to give back by creating a legacy or non-profit
  • Clarity to start the next chapter in your life

My coaching process comes from my 30 years of experience as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, creating a million-dollar business, and a touch of intuition. I’ve pulled this all together in my signature six-step coaching system.

A new life of ease, flow, and prosperity is possible. Take my hand, and I will show you how to achieve these. You no longer need to do this alone. If this resonates with you, take up on my offer of a 30-minute Discovery Coaching Session. Click the link below, complete the online coaching prep form, and book your session with me. It might just change your life.

This is what my clients are saying about our work together:

“Though I was hesitant to hire a coach, unsure if it was good investment of my time and money, Katana proved to be most valuable in helping chart a new direction for my career as a financial planner. After every phone call, I felt challenged yet inspired and much more confident about achieving what I wanted most in my professional life. Katana has been a true blessing in my life and business. Thank you for that Katana!“

Rachel Lane

Certified Financial Planner

I received a triple return on my investment with you. I’m so grateful for our time together. As a result of your very diverse expertise, in just one week I received the tools necessary to take my insurance and financial service agency to the next level. After implementing these strategies I closed two cases with a total commission of $8000 in 7 weeks with much more to come over the next several months.

In addition, we are making progress toward our big goal of Chairman’s Circle (only the top 1% of agents ever qualify for this). It’s the closest we’ve come to reaching this goal at this point in the year! Because of these tools and your support, I feel more confident about working with clients who previously intimidated me. Most importantly, I am now working at a whole new level and transforming the lives of my clients and my team members. This is priceless! Thank you, Katana.”

Erin Lewis,

Insurance Agent, Founder, Women’s Institute of Leadership

“Working with Katana has helped me in so many areas of my financial planning practice.  We were able to identify and eliminate several of the roadblocks preventing me from moving to the next level in my business.  Katana’s creative ideas and knowledge of the financial planning industry combine to make her an  invaluable resource.  I look forward to continuing with Katana on this road to personal and professional growth with her as my guide.  She has the total package of coaching resources and experience to help me realize my greatest potential.”

Rebecca Abel

Financial Advisor, Ameriprise Financial

“I have known Katana for over ten years and I have found that she consistently walks her walk and talks her talk. Katana really cares about you and your business and, she will work with you until you get the “aha’s” that will make the BIG difference in your business and with your money. She has decades of financial experience and she is outstanding in helping her clients move forward in having their money dreams come true. “

Ruth Klein

6 time bestselling author and Expert Celebrity Coach

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