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Claim Your Brilliance as a Woman


Happy Independence Day and Celebrate Life!

I have been talking to more and more women who are all going through similar fears that have to do with claiming their brilliance and following their passion vs. playing it safe and hiding out.  We all have these same struggles going on in our lives, especially as we reach midlife.  In addition, many of us are facing major stresses with money, relationships and family issues.  All of this can drag us down and make us want to just let our dreams go.

Several times in my life, I have been so ready to just give it all up myself, and each time, I found a mentor or just the perfect book to help me get back on track – and you know what – within a very short time, I had reached that dream and beyond.  Here are a few quick tips to help you stay on your path and connected to your Divine Essence:

  • Reach out for support from a mentor, friend or councelor
  • Read inspirational books and listen to your favorite music
  • Take really great care of your mind, body and heart by mediating, exercise and yoga
  • Plan time for yourself and time with friends and love ones in your calendar and in advance
  • Allow yourself to experience pleasure – seek out joyful experiences
  • Invest in yourself and continue to move towards your dreams

I would love to hear how you plan to Claim Your Brilliance!

With gratitute,


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