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What we can learn from the Sims™ game.

Written by guest contributor Michelle Hutchinson

My daughter and I play a game on our iPad called Sims FreePlay™. I’m sure you’ve heard of this game. It’s where you build a computer animated town and fill it with people – or Sims as they are called. Each person has their own personality, house, wardrobe, hobby, and career.  You advance through the game by increasing skills in your hobby and your career and gain money and lifestyle points along the way.  The more you practice your hobby the more lifestyle points you earn and the more you practice your career skills the more advance you become and the more money you make.  Sounds a little like real life, doesn’t it?

For example, one career in our town is a Firefighter. To become the Fire Chief they must practice this skill over and over so they can advance to the next level.  There are other careers in this town but it wouldn’t do this particular Sim any good to practice one of the other trades – because they are a firefighter.  They need to keep their focus on firefighting.  The Jack of all Trades career is not an option in this game, nor should it be in real life.

There’s a lot we could learn from this animated town. For one, the more we practice and engage in our hobbies and friends the more lifestyle points we earn and the happier we are.  And two, the more we practice and stick to our specific job the more we advance in that career.   Our Sims don’t have a choice of what career path they must follow, I assign one to them.  You, however, do have the option to choose.

Do you love your job and the career path you’re on?  Then follow it and practice getting better at that job.  Take training, read books, get more involved and gain the skills needed to make that career even better.  You may have many skills, don’t we all, but hone in on one in particular and then become the expert that other people come to and that you become known for.

On the other hand, what if you say you don’t like your current job or career path?  Then ask yourself, why would you spend any time getting better at something you don’t even enjoy?  Why not take that energy and focus on something that makes you happy.  There must be something in your current job that you like or are good at or you would have never been hired.  What is it?  Can you take that skill and make something out of it?

I’ll give you an example.  I use to drag myself into work every day.  Even though at one point I really enjoyed my job, I had grown to dread Mondays. When I finally made that decision that I was no longer going to settle in my life, I took a moment to identify that part of my job that I liked and that I was naturally great at.  It turned out to be efficiency.  I was really good at helping the other departments streamline their processes and save time.  I enjoyed helping them. This became the one skill that I was going to focus on and become the expert that people would know me for. And that’s what I’ve done.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is it that you want to do with your life?
  • What would it take for you to wake up on Monday happy and ready to start your week?
  • What is it that you could do all day and just completely lose track of time?
  • Now identify how can you make money doing that.

The Law of Attraction says that what you focus on you’ll receive more of. So if your focus is on hating your job, that’s what you will get more of – hating your job.

So make your focus “loving what you do” and just imagine what you’ll begin receiving.

If you need help here make sure you download our free workbook on “Breakthrough Your Fears and Step Into Your Brilliance.”

The exercises in this workbook will help you identify what your unique abilities and strengths are, and may even help you identify your new career path.


Increase Your Energy and Simplify Your Life

Every time we release anything that no longer is serving us, we are opening up space for more of what will serve us today. This could be cleaning out our closet, our bookkeeping, our refrigerator, even cleaning up our relationships.  Each day, we are either expanding or contracting.

I choose to grow and thrive.  What about you?

Take a few minutes today to look around your life.

  • What is it that you have been holding on to that is no longer servicing you?
  • What is it that is holding you back from living with joy and abundance?
  • What is it that is draining your energy?

Schedule some time now to clean up messes and to get organized. Put the appointment with yourself on your calendar and stick to it.

In my Perfect Life Time System, I call these Prep Days. Steven Covey calls these “Quadrant Two” activities – when you are working on things that are important, but not urgent.  It’s when you are cleaning up messes and preparing for fabulous Perfect and Power Days.

By investing time today to clean up messes, get organized and to care for yourself, you will automatically be freeing up your energy, time and abundance in the future. Watch how things begin to shift in all areas of your life as you release and make room for more. Remember, everything is energy.

In last week’s article, I gave you an exercise to help you raise your energy and attract more wealth into your life. Did you take the time to do it? If not, I highly recommend doing this first and then coming back to this week’s exercise.  Here is the link to Double Your Income and Double Your Time Off.

Today’s Exercise:

Take a look at your list from last week’s exercise and do the following:

  • Simply cross out some items you can eliminate immediately. That was simple!
  • Now pick the items you can delegate and outsource and find someone to help you.
  • Then schedule time today in your calendar to take the first step in this process.

Start with one simple step and take action now.

This process I am sharing with you today (along with last week) will change your life by giving you more time, energy, money and freedom for the rest of your life. All you have to do is follow the process and watch the shift.

Next week, I will share the time system I use to stay on track that really leverages my time, energy and money, so be sure to do this assignment first!

Double your Income or Double your Time Off

If you had the choice to double your income or to double your time off, which would you choose?  It is possible, maybe not over night, but it is possible over time if you learn the steps, follow the process and stay on track. It’s all about consistency and implementation.

In this new age, you are rewarded for your results, not activities.  You are paid for your outcomes, rather than hours you work.

If you can double your value, you can double your income.  How?  By identifying the things you do that contribute the most to yourself and your clients.

 I often refer to the 80/20 Rule

  • That 80% of our results come from 20% of our activities.
  • That 80% of our income comes from 20% of our clients.
  • That 20% of the people generate 80% of the revenue

So think about how you can incorporate this rule into your life by spending more time on your most effective activities.  There are steps you can take whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur.  I believe you need to think of yourself as an entrepreneur even if you are an employee, but that is another story.

How can you reinvent your career – what you do every day – to bring you more income, freedom and joy? 

Four Simple Steps:

  1. Bring out a piece of paper and draw a line across the top and one down the middle. Now put a smiley face :-) on top of the left column and an unhappy face  :-( on the top of the right column.
  2. On the left side, identify what are the things that you love to do, that you do well and that also bring you the most revenue.
  3. On the right side, identify all the things that drain your energy, that you put off, that you are terrible at or simply don’t get paid well for.
  4. Now eliminate, delegate and outsource all these items from the right side that are draining your energy and sucking your money so you can focus 80% of your time on the things items from the left side that you love, are great at and make you the most money.

It truly is that simple, but you might need some help with this.  I find most people do need support – but once they get it and begin to implement this process the magic begins.  I’ve seen it in my clients lives and I have used this secret over and over to not only create lots of wealth, but to give me the freedom to travel, make a difference and really live the life I love.

This is one of the smartest and fastest ways to double your income or time off.  It will require some work and investment initially on your part, because after you eliminate, you are still left with delegating and outsourcing.  This step will involve trust, giving up some control and ultimately result in your stepping into your power!

Now I invite you do to two things. 

  • Do the exercise above right now or at least put it in your calendar right now…then see how you feel when you are done and share it with us below in our FaceBook group.
  • If you want help with your list when you complete it, click here to book a complimentary appointment with Michelle and me to take the first step in creating more time, freedom and money in your life by taking action with that list.

This process works and I can’t wait to hear what you discover, learn and create in your life, your business and your finances with it!

Is Entrepreneurship the New Women’s Movement?

Women are making great strides in entrepreneurship.  We are starting businesses at a higher than men now and according to research women will create over half of the 9.72 million new small business jobs expected to be created by 2018.  That’s only 5 years away!

So where will you be in 5 years?

Will you be closer to your dream or still running from it?

 “Within our dreams and aspirations we find our opportunities.” ~ Sue Atchley Ebaugh

I think what this quote means is that if you’re looking to start a business but not sure what to do – look to your dreams first.  Listen to that voice inside of you that is trying to tell you…are you listening to it?

Many women today are starting their own businesses to live the life they want.  They want the freedom that a home based business brings them.  Imagine a life where you are spending your days doing what you love.  Are you imagining it?  What does it look like?  Where is that feeling in your body?

If that feeling gets you excited than you’re ready!

So here’s your exercise today…

  1. Get Clarity: If you haven’t already downloaded our free workbook “How to Breakthrough your Fears and Step Into Your Brilliance” workbook than that is the first start.  This workbook will help you identify your strengths and give you some clarity into a potential business opportunity.
  2. Stop Wanting:  You will need to shift your mindset from “I want” to “I have”.  Wanting things only manifests more want in your life. You have to believe it to be yours. Write down how many times a day you say “I want” then shift that to “I have”.
  3. Shift your energy: We spend too much time in our head thinking and not enough time in our body feeling.  When you have trouble with all the “mind clutter” take a moment to breath or meditate.  Take deep breaths and release those thoughts.  Become conscious of your surroundings.  Listen to our interview with Joshua Bloom and Quantum Energy shifting and read through these last few articles to get Some great tips.
    Are you feeling the shift?
    Life Detours
    Three steps to manifesting


When the new research comes out in 2018 will you be in that statistic?  Will you be one of the new small businesses owned by women?  I believe in you…do you?

To help you get started I have a fabulous home study course and for a limited time I am including a 30 minute clarity session with me.  And in my upcoming ezine I’ll have a special coupon for this program.  So if you’re not receiving those visit right now and sign up!

Visit www.GetClarityNow.Com for more information about this home study course.

Are you feeling “The Shift”?

I was talking with a friend yesterday who told me that she had lunch with several women in their 50s and 60s who were all talking about their “Dream Jobs”. 

This is the new paradigm ladies!  We are being called to step into our greatness like no time before and it is creating all kinds of stress, self-doubt, overwhelm and anxiety because even though our soul is calling out to be heard, our ego is trying to protect us and keep us safe.

The problem is that playing it safe or playing small is no longer going to work and the more we try to stuff down these feelings, the more anxiety we will create. I know, I have been there, and it’s not a pretty site! Believe me.

What I am finding in the work I do, is that women are being called to step into their brilliance and to fully align themselves with their divine purpose – and that’s simply doing what you came here to do in an authentic way that brings you joy, ease and abundance. When you do this, life actually begins to flow and making money becomes fun and effortless.

It’s possible, and I have figured this out for myself.  I call it The Six Pillars of Awakened Prosperity System™.  It’s the process I have used over and over in my life.  It has helped me get to the next level every time and has brought me through some of the most difficult times in my life.

When we surrender to the process and look for the gift in every single experience, something magical happens. The gift becomes our greatest teacher.

Discovering our purpose may not be easy for some.  Like any journey, there are trials and tribulations.  There is a secret to this process, and it takes trust, support, and the guidance from someone who has taken the path before you.  Without this guidance and support it doesn’t matter how rich or successful you are, you end up with all kinds of self-doubt and limiting beliefs that slow you down and bring you to your knees.  It happens to all of us.

In fact, it just happened to me a few weeks ago, but I had a plan, and I took action immediately. 

I went to our Website and downloaded our free workbook called Breakthrough Your Fears and Step into Your Brilliance”.  I went through the workbook myself, right then and there and what I realized was if I was having this problem, then I knew others were too.  The more women I asked, the more I saw… this was a major issue.  If you haven’t already downloaded this free gift I recommend you visit now and get it.

The secret to living your joyful and abundant life is so simple if you follow the process.  We can’t wait to share this Six Pillars of Awakened Prosperity System™ with you!

I believe there is a huge spiritual shift happening on the planet both in how we make money, how we do business and how we live our daily lives.  We are shifting from competition to collaboration, community and co-creation.  Those who have learned how to be part of this process, rather than fight it are seeing huge shifts in every area of their lives.

Can you feel “The Shift”?



If you’re looking to gain clarity and help with this shift you may be interested in my home study course “Get Clarity Now”.  Visit for more information.



Three Steps to Manifesting Effortlessly

Have you noticed how some people seem to be able to make money and have success magically?  It’s seems effortless too.  Then others seem to struggle each year feeling like they need to create another mountain.

How are you feeling about 2013?  

  • Are you feeling excited and inspired?
  • Or are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed and uninspired?

So many people are being called at this moment in time to step into their brilliance, to step out of their comfort zone and to do things they have never done before.  It’s doing what you came here to do – your purpose.  Often stepping into this place will take courage to do things you’ve never done before, confidence to stay the course even when it seems impossible and clarity to know what and how to do it.

We usually think of January as the time for beginnings and for making resolutions, when this time of the year is actually the perfect time for finishing up projects, reviewing the past and preparing for the future.  We have just finished the harvest and it’s time to rest, celebrate and review.  The spring is actually the perfect time for new beginnings.  So take this time to prepare for a magnificent year but do it in the right way, so you don’t get frustrated and give up. 

My New Years gift to you is my three step process to manifesting a dynamic 2013.  It’s so simple, but it will take time and you will need to be consistent.  If you do it, I promise, it will change your life.  However, 80% of us won’t do it. 

STEP #1:  PAUSE – Before focusing on 2013 – schedule time to review 2012

  • Track where you have been.  What went well and what didn’t.  
  • Celebrate your successes.
  • Find the gift in your failures because they are your greatest teachers.  
  • Release anything that is no longer serving you.  
  • All of this will increase your confidence, clarity and results for 2013.

 Step #2:  Plan – Schedule a Full Visioning Day

  • Envision what your ideal year would look like.  What would you be doing, how would you be experiencing each day and who would you love to be around in your life and career. 
  • Create a bold income goal for yourself.  It should be a stretch but not unrealistic.
  • Commit to a bold savings goal.  Saving just $10/day for 20 years at 10% will give you over $200,000.  
  • Starting with the end in mind create a step by step plan for 2013.
  • Join our Free Teleclass on Women in Transition and watch for details about our upcoming Visioning Workshop.

 Step #3:  Breathe – literally

  • Make time every single day to get clear, to become present and to get grounded.  If you meditate, exercise or do yoga, then you understand the power of breathing. 
  • Most of us breathe from our chests and spend 95% of our time on autopilot – functioning from our subconscious.  We spend only 5% of our time “in our bodies” functioning at a “conscious” or “creative” level.
  • Learn how to shift your energy, release limiting beliefs instantly and become fully present, so you can create and manifest from a place of total confidence and clarity.  This power is within you and when you learn to master it, life begins to flow; you learn to be authentic and vulnerable.  You will begin to operate from your soul rather than from a place of fear or ego.  
  • We have interviewed dozens of mindfulness experts on our radio show, Smart Women Talk, including Quantum Healer, Joshua Bloom on December 18th, 2012.  Click here to listen.

These three steps will literally change your life, but you must schedule the time, follow the process and it will take discipline.  

I have created a six step process that takes you through the Dream, Discovery, Leap, Plan, Dance and finally to Mastery.  Watch for an opportunity to learn more about the process later this month as we go through it together. 

Promise yourself to schedule time to Pause, Plan and Breathe and make 2013 your best year ever!

Click here to register for our *Free* Teleclass on “Women in Transition: A Guide to Living a Life of Purpose, Passion, and Prosperity.”


Why do we cut off the ends of the pot roast?

Michelle here…and as an efficiency coach here at Smart Women’s Coaching® I usually look at the oldest processes in your business first.  You know…the ones you’ve been doing for so long that you don’t even think about them anymore.  You may not even remember how they got started.  It’s just the way you’ve always done it.

So it may be surprising to hear that it’s probably where the majority of your efficiency gaps and energy wasters will be found.  Technology is always improving, updating and making things easier and yet most people will insist they don’t have the time to learn.  The fact is you can’t afford the time that’s being wasted by not learning.

Whenever I hear “That’s the way we’ve always done it” I know that I need to address that process first.  It always reminds me of a funny story I heard many years ago. It goes like this…

A mother was teaching her young daughter how to make a pot roast.  The recipe was a very old recipe that was handed down from generation to generation and it was a tradition to teach the younger women in the family.

“The first thing you must do”, said the mother “is cut off the ends of the pot roast.”  The daughter, curious as to why that was necessary, asked her mother why they had to cut off the ends.

The mother replied, “That’s just the way we’ve always done it.  My mother did it that way and her mother did it that way”.

Not satisfied with that response the girl went to her Grandmother and asked the same question. “Grandma, why do we have to cut off the ends of the pot roast before we cook it?”

Her Grandmother gave her the same answer…”That’s just the way we’ve always done it.  My mother taught me to do it that way.”

Still not satisfied with this reasoning, the girl finally went to the source of the recipe…her Great-Grandmother.  “Great Grandma, I would like to carry on the tradition of your delicious pot roast but I have a question for you.  Why do we cut off the ends of the pot roast before we cook it?”

The elder woman of the family gave this great insight into the mystery of why they’ve ‘always done it that way’…”Oh honey”, she said, “When I was first married, the pot I had wasn’t big enough for the whole pot roast so we always had to cut off the ends so it would fit in the pot.”

So you see, just because you’ve ‘always done it that way’ does not mean you should continue to do it that way.  (Think of all that wasted pot roast.)

Now take a moment to think about some of the tasks that you perform that you’ve always done a certain way.

  • Can it be updated with newer technology or programs?
  • Is it possible there’s a better way to do it but you haven’t taken the time to learn how?
  • Can it be eliminated all together?

Sometimes it takes someone looking in from the outside to see the problem.

I have helped many people simplify their systems freeing up time, saving money, and improving productivity.

If you’d like some help finding your efficiency gaps and energey wasters then click the link below and schedule a consultation to see how I can help you.

And catch yourself the next time you say “It’s just the way I’ve always done it.”


Smart Money Tip #8: Planning for the unexpected.

YouTube Preview Image

If you are one of the 75 million home owners in the US, then one of the things you need to plan for is keeping your house maintenance up to date. If you are a single woman, this is even more important because you are probably running your household on one income. Since your home is often your largest investment, keeping it properly maintained is very important.

This includes “expected maintenance and unexpected maintenance”. I suggest creating a money bucket for each.  A money bucket is a savings account that you add funds to from every paycheck so you can have readily available cash reserves when the funds are needed.

According to a recent MSN study, 43% of Americans spend more than they make and the average credit card debt is $8000. Planning for the unexpected with a special savings account is a smart way to avoid having to go into debt to cover home maintenance.

When purchasing a home and trying to determine how much of a payment you can afford, be sure to include all the possible maintenance costs both long term and short term and include those into your monthly calculation.

The secret is living on less than you make. You can do this by over estimating expenses, buying less home than you can afford and then setting aside those additional funds into cash reserves, retirement investing and some funds for enjoying life now.

Here is an example of how to calculate your home maintenance fund:

  • Annual maintenance
    Landscaping, carpet cleaning, minor repairs and replacements of worn out appliances like washer, dryer, dish washer, refrigerator (seems like one of these goes every couple of years).
  • Bigger Ticket Items
    New roof, furnace, air conditioner, hot water heater, siding, remodeling, etc.
  • Unexpected maintenance
    Rotting siding, fallen tree, storm damage, etc.
    Some of these items could be covered by home owner’s insurance, however, be careful about filling small claims because it could cause your insurance rates to go up. Sometimes it makes more sense to simply pay the deductible.

So in the above example, you could be putting away:

  • $100/month for the annual maintenance,
  • $100/month for bigger tickets,
  • $50 for unexpected.

The goal would be to create a savings account and add $250/month or $125 per pay if you are paid every other week. Start somewhere and tweak the account as you go. You can also add lump sums from things like tax refunds to build this account up quicker.

Come up with an estimate for each category and then create a figure that you will be saving on a monthly basis so you are building up your cash reserves. Having the cash to fall back on will help you sleep at night and keep the credit card debt at bay.

To learn how to shift your energy, get paid what you are worth and step into your money power, click here to pick up your free workbook and video now.

Also, please post your questions below and share this video with your friends!

Until next time, live with Purpose, Passion and Prosperity!


Live and Retire Happy, Wealthy and Healthy with Smart Choices Today

Ladies, it’s time to put ourselves on the list.  With everyone pulling us in every direction and all wanting a part of us, it’s so easy to keep moving our own needs down to the bottom of the list, but let’s think again.   

Recent Trip to Brazil

Recent Trip to Brazil

A few years ago, I was told that I needed both knees replaced.  The doctors wouldn’t do the surgery until I was older (after 50) and quite frankly, I am putting it off as long as possible.  In fact, I hope to avoid it.  I tend to be a workaholic, because I love what I do.  The problem I run into, is that I can put self care on the back burner and that’s probably part of the knee problem.  

When I turned 50, I realize that unless I take action now, having lots of money and poor health is a terrible scenario.  Besides, my husband is five years younger than I am and when he retires, we have plans for lots of travel and golf. 

Over the last two months, I have implented three new smart choices in my life and I’d like to share them with you.  My goal is to lose weight, feel more focused and calm today…and then ensure a more vibrant lifestyle later in my life with Mark.

  • I joined a yoga class and am attending classes about three times a week.  I notice that I feel much calmer, more focused and feel lighter on my feet.
  • I have created a bedtime ritual(inspired by Contributing Expert, Marci Shimoff’s 10:30 Angel Train) where I journal before bed to clear my mind, listen to music, read and stay away from the TV and computer after 9 pm at night.  I am sleeping so much better and waking up a lot earlier.
  • I am drinking lots of filtered water with lemon during the day.  Here is the formula for how much water you should drink:  weight divided by two and add a zero.  TIP:  If you weigh 150#, then you want to drink 70 oz of water daily!  Many times when we feel hungry, it could just be dehydration. 

When we get ready to retire some day, having all the money in the world won’t mean a thing if we don’t have our health, right?  By taking these three simple actions, I find I am more affective at work, and happier and more active at home with my family at night.  Plus the yoga class is amazing…my goal is to go five times week. 

What steps are you taking today to live happy, wealthy and healthy?  I’d like to know!  Thanks!

Results In from the, "What's the Single Biggest Challenge Holding You Back From Living Your Perfect Life?" Survey

We recently asked you, “What’s the single biggest Challenge holding you back from living Your Perfect Life? and this is what over 200 of you have told us:

  • 32% Financial
  • 22% Dont Know Where to Start
  • 12% Confidence
  • 10% Time
  • 7% Relationships
  • 3% Health
  • 14% Other

There were quite a few comments (one out of four of you wanted to tell your story) and here are a few of them:

  • I am searching for a new career and desperately want to make that change now that I am unemployed and available to make that change.
  • I need to make enough money through my business to negate my husband’s dream for me to go back to work!
  • Up until I lost my job in 2007 I considered myself a “smart woman, although finances are considerably low, my biggest challenge is how to tap into a realm of creativity. It seems I have lost my passion and/or motivation to get going again.
  • After 23 years of raising my sons, getting my masters, and working 19 years with autistic children, I am ready to make my own dreams and business happen. I read your steps to success and go strong, but then burn myself out with energy and money by second guessing everything I do. If I had a mentor to help with decisions, ideas, marketing, and business, it would make my finances, time, and confidence become assets to my dreams and realities.
  • My biggest challenge is self-sabotage and pragmatism. I focus more on perfection rather than “just doing it.”
  • I have an amazing business that I can’t focus on doing because I work a 9-5 during the day!
  • Not enough time in the day to act on all my ideas… even the prioritized ones.
  • I often dont feel I can do it. My perfect life involves starting a jewelry business and then moving to NM to live on a ranch.
  • Life transitions in 2004 left me at ground zero with no savings, property, pension, home or other resources. I know where I want to be and what my goals are but need support, help and resources to get there because I cannot do it alone.
  • Difficulties with family relationships and life transitions – Lack of Clarity, support and finances hold me back. I have been trying for a year, but nothing seems to be shifting. I do not do well without human live support i.e. online courses/business building or network marketing.
  • I know that my life does not have to be as hectic as it is. I am looking to learn to let go, and focus on what is most important!

What I am hearing from you is that finances or money and then knowing where to start are your number one priorities. I read the “other comments, and they were primarily financial and knowing where to start as well. So, what do you do about this? This is exactly why I created the Smart Womens Cafe.

When I was a financial planner, I worked with hundreds of wealthy individuals. I had no time left to help those who needed help getting started and creating financial security.Today, I am honored to have attracted some of the most amazing financial, business, career, and lifestyle experts in the word to join me in this mission of helping women create their perfect life with purpose, passion and prosperity.

The Smart Womens Cafe is the perfect place to do this because it is a supportive and interactive community where women can learn, grow and connect by accessing resources at their own leisure in the member library. Plus, we offer three hours of live coaching and training every month.

These statistics were not that surprising to see. Right now, the need for financial planning assistance, whether it be in the small-business environment, schooling or household maintenance has sky-rocketed as a direct result of our economy. You are not alone. 33% of Americans carry debt balances up to $10,000 (median balance: $2,254). 64% of the people polled who carry debt admitted that debt is a cause of worry and stress for them. 93% percent of retirees carry debt into old age.

Finance troubles affects your path to the Perfect Life everyday. These worries can cause a ripple effect on everything else, which may have caused 22% percent of people surveyed to respond with, “not knowing where to start.”

Vist the Smart Women’s Cafe now to receive your Free Gifts: Video Training on how to maximize Twitter and Brian Tracy’s Report, The Way to Wealth ($100 value). You can also take a 30 day free test drive of our community of smart women and access free, live coaching, resources and support towards living with Purpose, Passion and Prosperity.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our poll! Sharing your thoughts with us was great appreciated. A national press release will be released this week, documenting your concerns.

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