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46 Experts and Celebrities Join in Motivation Marathon

katanaWMichel 46 Experts and Celebrities Join in Motivation Marathon

Jill Jordan and me with Dr. Michael Beckwith of The Secret

I am so honored and excited to be participating in this amazing event called, Motivation Marathon with 46 Experts and Celebrities, including Dr. Michael Beckwith (featured in the Secret).

The Happy YOU Year Telesummit is designed to give you the tools and support to change your life.

With 46 of the most influential experts and celebrities, speaking over 9 days, the Happy YOU! Year includes some of the most successful certified professional life coaches, authors, celebrities, experts and radio hosts.

Each speaker will not only cover how they become successful, but how YOU can take what they learned and apply it to achieving the success YOU deserve.

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I will be speaking on Thursday, January 19th at 8 pm EST on the topic of “How to Create Prosperity in 2012I hope you can join us!   

With love and gratitude,

Katana Abbott, CFP, CSA
Prosperity Coach
Smart Women’s Prosperity Institute

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Success Stories
Katana Abbott
Edey Caldwell-Sanders"I knew I had several big things coming into my life and it was important to let go of some things no longer serving me, however, I had been feeling depressed and stuck for close to two weeks. I was feeling frustrated, discouraged and depressed.

Katana helped me tune into my inner little girl who was very uncomfortable with "standing out among the crowd and shinning in her brilliance."  I felt embarrassed at the beginning of our session, to admit I felt depressed, stuck and uninspired. I felt I should  know how to do this myself, by now, with all the tools I have and know.I appreciate Katana's insight, gentleness and understanding as she helped me release this deep, deep resistance and block. I have my clarity and inspiration back!
Thank you, Katana!"
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