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You CAN Always Get What You Want

By Guest Blogger, Jill Jordan – Personal Branding Coach

It may be hard to think that you can get what you want out of life sometimes – especially when you or others around you may be going through some very challenging times — but it is possible. If you dream it, you can achieve it (to borrow the age-old line).

These are times for cutting back. But when you cut back, it doesn’t always mean that you have to do without. You can get what you want, and get what you need on a more limited basis right now. And sometimes you’ll find you will be happier for it because it’s more rewarding to have to work for something now. We all need to feel valued and our work is worthwhile!

Many successful people – no matter what industry they’re in – create a personal vision board. This board helps you visualize what you want, and can give you the inspiration to get there. In my coaching work, I oftentimes suggest that my clients create one for themselves. It’s similar to putting your goals on paper, but instead it’s more artist and obviously, much more visual.

While I was giving this advice to others, I hadn’t actually finished mine. It hit me that I couldn’t possibly be giving this advice and not be doing it myself. So, I finally finished my board, hung it right above my desk – in order to see it throughout my day – and guess what happened? Yes, within days, one of my visions came to be. I wanted to speak at a particular company so I cut out their logo and placed on the vision board. I “saw” myself speaking to this group. Last December it became a reality.

One of my clients put a picture of a new digital camera on hers…she ended up getting what she wanted as a Christmas gift. There’s no right or wrong way to do it – just start keeping some things that inspire you and then arrange them on a board and look at it every day. Place pictures of the things you want to achieve, and inspirational words that resonate with you.  You can even do this project with friends or co-workers — make it fun.  Inspire others.

Another small thing you can do that won’t cost anything is to just change your attitude. If you find yourself thinking a certain thought that isn’t positive – stop! Stop and turn it around to something positive. Do this just once a day and see how it helps you feel better internally and then that will just radiate outward.

The path to a glorious and fulfilled life is yours for the taking. Go out and build your glorious life today!  Visualize it!

To learn more about Personal Branding Coach, Jill Jordan, visit PLUS click here to Downloadher Branding Worksheet and then tune into Smart Women Talk Radio on Tuesday, 2/28/12 at 11 AM EST.

Creating Your Authenic – Soul Centered Brand

It was last December when I decided to figure out my own personal brand.  For years, I had been promoting my online community, Smart Women’s Coaching, which is an online educational, inspirational and empowerment community featuring our Contributing Experts. I felt safe and it was a nice place to be — I thought. But I was wrong.  You see I had forgotten to brand myself.  I had almost become an administrator for our community…hosting the calls, writing the ezine and providing lots of content for the greater good.

No wonder I was feeling burned out. I was not expressing my unique abilities and talents by being behind a computer! Well, I decided to talk to one of our Contributing Experts, Ruth Klein, about my situation, and that’s when she told me I had forgotten to create my own personal brand.

I hired Ruth as my business coach and we got busy.  Within six weeks, I had launched my own personal website and launched my Midlife Millionaire brand.  I even launched an 8 week course on Creating Your Midlife Millionaire Lifestyle and had rave reviews from those who attended.

Something was still missing though – my brand did not express my mission authentically.  There was still one piece missing…then I got it.  My passion and expertise as a Certified Financial Planner is helping women create the second half of their lives…to create financial freedom while following their passion and to leave a fabulous legacy.  My brand was actually, “Awakened Midlife Millionaire” and I help you awaken your life, business and legacy. I was sooooo excited!

Do you see the difference?  To me, the “Awaken” goes to the soul, purpose and passion of creating your perfect life.  Then the magic began to happen. As soon as I made the commitment to move forward with my new and authentic brand, other opportunities began to come into my life.  My dear friend, Marilyn Schwader, who is a Shamanic Practitioner, and I began to share our dreams about leading off site spiritual prosperity retreats in places like Costa Rica and South America and we are are now co-creating a new program on Awakened Prosperity.  It really is magical what begins to happen when you begin to follow your bliss and express yourself authentically!

Where are you holding yourself back?  Is there something inside of you that’s just waiting to emerge to help you live more authentically, joyfully and abundantly?

If you are interested in learning more about Awakened Prosperity, you can listen to my radio show, Smart Women Talk this Tuesday, August 24 at 11 am EST, 8 am PST when I will be interviewing Shamanic Practictioner, Marilyn Schwader.

In addition, if you are interested in learning more about creating your own Soul Center – Authentic Brand, you can join me and Brand Strategist, Ruth Klein this Wednesday, August 25th at 7:30 pm EST, 4:30 pm PST.  Click here to register for our free teleseminar, Creating a Soul Centered Business, Brand or Book.  You will love both of these events — I promise!

Also, feel free to pick up my free Midlife Millioniare Lifestyle Audio with my interview and article on creating your inspired and authentic life with abundance.

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