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The Secret to Effective Multitasking

What’s the secret to effective multitasking? 

I don’t know about you, but I am a major “multitasker”. It’s in my genetic makeup – the way I have always functioned.  Most of the time, I have 10 projects all going at the same time, big ideas, lots of excitement, lots of doing and lots of overwhelm.

Does this sound like you?  You may even be very successful in spite of yourself simply because of your enthusiasm and high energy.

How is your multitasking serving you though?

Look around.  Are there multiple unfinished projects sitting around?  Do you create To-Do lists that are miles long, only to start a new one all over again?

Would you like the one biggest secret to effective multitasking?  Okay…here it is…Stop!  Don’t do it. 

Having many uncompleted projects, or multiple new projects pending or all going on at the same time begins to weigh on you and this creates stress, overwhelm and it knocks your confidence too.  I know, because I suffer from this too.

Anytime you do more than one thing at a time, you delay the completion of both tasks.

The key is to focus on ONE thing and ONE thing only until completion.  Simple.

If you are in the habit of multitasking throughout your day, I challenge you to focus on only one thing at a time and observe how much more productive you actually are, and how much more you get done.

Try it and see how much you can check off your list today.

Here is a tip.  Try these three steps for ONE week:

  • I want you to create an actual list each day with just THREE TOP THINGS that you must complete that day…only three.  Keep that list in front of your printed out and prioritized.  Once you complete the first item, cross it out and go to the next.  You will be amazed at how powerful this system can be.
  • If you are distracted by email, turn them off and open them up for very short periods of time at specific hours during the day.  Then go back to your three top priorities
  • At the end of the day celebrate and express gratitude for all you have accomplished AND create the list for the next day, so it is waiting for you on your desk when you arrive back at the office in the morning.

That’s it.  Again, very simple!  I know for some, this is simply how they operate, but if you are one of the millions of multi-taskers in the world, try this for one week, and let me know how it works for you below!

This blog post, for example, is #1 on my “list of three” for today.  Guess what, I can now check off “Done!” and do to #2.  Boy this feels good!


To your prosperity,

Katana Abbott, CFP
Founder and Prosperity Coach


Results In from the, "What's the Single Biggest Challenge Holding You Back From Living Your Perfect Life?" Survey

We recently asked you, “What’s the single biggest Challenge holding you back from living Your Perfect Life? and this is what over 200 of you have told us:

  • 32% Financial
  • 22% Dont Know Where to Start
  • 12% Confidence
  • 10% Time
  • 7% Relationships
  • 3% Health
  • 14% Other

There were quite a few comments (one out of four of you wanted to tell your story) and here are a few of them:

  • I am searching for a new career and desperately want to make that change now that I am unemployed and available to make that change.
  • I need to make enough money through my business to negate my husband’s dream for me to go back to work!
  • Up until I lost my job in 2007 I considered myself a “smart woman, although finances are considerably low, my biggest challenge is how to tap into a realm of creativity. It seems I have lost my passion and/or motivation to get going again.
  • After 23 years of raising my sons, getting my masters, and working 19 years with autistic children, I am ready to make my own dreams and business happen. I read your steps to success and go strong, but then burn myself out with energy and money by second guessing everything I do. If I had a mentor to help with decisions, ideas, marketing, and business, it would make my finances, time, and confidence become assets to my dreams and realities.
  • My biggest challenge is self-sabotage and pragmatism. I focus more on perfection rather than “just doing it.”
  • I have an amazing business that I can’t focus on doing because I work a 9-5 during the day!
  • Not enough time in the day to act on all my ideas… even the prioritized ones.
  • I often dont feel I can do it. My perfect life involves starting a jewelry business and then moving to NM to live on a ranch.
  • Life transitions in 2004 left me at ground zero with no savings, property, pension, home or other resources. I know where I want to be and what my goals are but need support, help and resources to get there because I cannot do it alone.
  • Difficulties with family relationships and life transitions – Lack of Clarity, support and finances hold me back. I have been trying for a year, but nothing seems to be shifting. I do not do well without human live support i.e. online courses/business building or network marketing.
  • I know that my life does not have to be as hectic as it is. I am looking to learn to let go, and focus on what is most important!

What I am hearing from you is that finances or money and then knowing where to start are your number one priorities. I read the “other comments, and they were primarily financial and knowing where to start as well. So, what do you do about this? This is exactly why I created the Smart Womens Cafe.

When I was a financial planner, I worked with hundreds of wealthy individuals. I had no time left to help those who needed help getting started and creating financial security.Today, I am honored to have attracted some of the most amazing financial, business, career, and lifestyle experts in the word to join me in this mission of helping women create their perfect life with purpose, passion and prosperity.

The Smart Womens Cafe is the perfect place to do this because it is a supportive and interactive community where women can learn, grow and connect by accessing resources at their own leisure in the member library. Plus, we offer three hours of live coaching and training every month.

These statistics were not that surprising to see. Right now, the need for financial planning assistance, whether it be in the small-business environment, schooling or household maintenance has sky-rocketed as a direct result of our economy. You are not alone. 33% of Americans carry debt balances up to $10,000 (median balance: $2,254). 64% of the people polled who carry debt admitted that debt is a cause of worry and stress for them. 93% percent of retirees carry debt into old age.

Finance troubles affects your path to the Perfect Life everyday. These worries can cause a ripple effect on everything else, which may have caused 22% percent of people surveyed to respond with, “not knowing where to start.”

Vist the Smart Women’s Cafe now to receive your Free Gifts: Video Training on how to maximize Twitter and Brian Tracy’s Report, The Way to Wealth ($100 value). You can also take a 30 day free test drive of our community of smart women and access free, live coaching, resources and support towards living with Purpose, Passion and Prosperity.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our poll! Sharing your thoughts with us was great appreciated. A national press release will be released this week, documenting your concerns.

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