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Forbes Interviews Andrew and Danielle!

Watch Andrew and Danielle’s interview with Forbes John Dobosz! Hear first hand from the authors what happened to the affairs of Jimi Hendrix, Steve McNair, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, and Sonny Bono.

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Forbes Interviews Andrew and Danielle!

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Success Stories
Katana Abbott
PamCampbell"Two very significant things have shifted for me since I began working with Katana..

My relationship with money and my relationship with my Mother. In our first session, we identified my "Security" money personality.  Katana skillfully led me to the early childhood experience with my Mother which was the root cause of my belief in scarcity, that what I have could be taken from me at any moment.  I felt where this experience resided in my body, and I released it.

Katana provided tools for working through this experience in the following days, and we created powerful new affirmations to pave the way for a new much more positive experience with money. 

I didn't lose any sleep over the fiscal cliff scare.  I have a newfound sense of security, regardless of external circumstances.  I have begun to spend money differently, choosing things that really feed my soul.


I am SO glad that I signed up for Katana's coaching program...and this is only the beginning!"
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