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Do You Have Health, Wealth AND Happiness?

I have been watching the women of all ages in the Olympics with awe…young girls…women in their 30s with 4 children coming back after taking time off to be moms!  It’s so inspiring!

It has made me think about my own life and ask myself, “Am I living at a 100% level in all areas of my life?”  The answer was no.

Recently, I found myself making excuses, changing deadlines for my goals, changing priorities especially when it comes to self care.  I find myself distracted and losing my focus on what is truly important.

What about you?  Isn’t this normal?  Yes, but what is normal?  Normal is mediocre, average, just okay.  Is that me I ask myself?  No!  Then why am I settling?  Good question.

There is a difference between “just settling” and “taking time to rejuvenate”.  I take regular periods off where I simply step back and heal, rest and turn off.  What I am talking about is not being “fully engaged” when you are engaged.

I challenge you to take a good look at your life and ask yourself, where have you been holding back or settling and where have you been giving 100%.  Living at 100% is not being a workaholic – far from it!  It’s creating a life of balance, joy, abundance and health.  I call it creating your perfect life.

I have created a system that works for me and I’d like to share it with you.  It’s a series of steps and when I follow it, everything flows.  In fact, it’s how I got to where I am today.  When I don’t however, I get burned out or go into overwhelm.  It’s called, The Perfect Life System and here it is:

Step 1:

Create the vision for your ideal life three years out and create big bold affirmations that you print out and focus on every day.  You will want to address all three ares of your life:

  • Personally ( feed your mind, body and spirit)
  • Family and Friends (deep relationships and fabulous experiences)
  • Money and Finances (security, freedom and abundance)

Step 2:

Create rituals or a daily practice where you do the things that will help you achieve your Perfect Life every day.  I have a beautiful form that I print out every week with the days of the week at the top, and then all the tasks I want to remember down the left.  Things like; drink 8 glasses of water, take my vitamins, go to yoga, ride my bike, date with Mark, meditate, read 15 minutes, take a Perfect Life Pause, write 30 minutes, etc.  These are all the things that when I do them, they rejuvenate me,  inspire me, and keep me operating at 100%. At the end of each day and at the end of each week, I can see my progress all in one place and express gratitude and celebrate!

Step 3:

Follow my Perfect Week Time System.  I have used this time system for 10 years now, and it’s changed my life.  Everyone who tries it loves it too.  It’s what makes all this work because I actually break my week up into Perfect, Prep and Power Days.  Each one is a specific type of day where I do specific types of things.  You can watch my 3 short videos on how this works and do it for yourself!  The other part of this time system is that each day can be as long or short as your wish – not just 8 – 5 AND you are in charge of when you work.  So my practice has been to work 3 weeks and take one off.  It works and any entrepreneurs can do this!


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Create Your Perfect Life – Step 3 Generate Revenue

YouTube Preview Image

Today is the last of my 3 part series on Creating Your Perfect Life with my Perfect Life Time System. In the last two videos I shared with you the three types of days in this system:

  • Increase your productivity and earning potential on your Power Days.
  • Improve your level of energy, focus and clarity by cleaning up messes and getting very organized on your Prep Days.
  • Make more time for yourself, your friends and your family by scheduling and enjoying wonderful Perfect Days!

Power Days are your money days. But let’s take a moment to review…

  • In my prior videos I asked you to begin to plan your Perfect Calendar for the entire year. By now, you should have already booked all your Perfect Days into your calendar. Be sure you have booked all your vacations, time with family and friends, dates with significant other and time just for you to rest. If you have not done this – do it now – for the full year!
  • Next, be sure you have blocked out all your Prep Days for the full year. These are the days you will use to get organized so you can have fabulous Perfect Days and Power Days.  Great Job!

Exercise 1:

Bring out a piece of paper and create a Big “T” and on the left side, write all the things that:

  • bring you joy and that you are passionate at
  • are effortless especially if they also generate revenue for you
  • you would do for free if money were not an issue
  • you lose track of time when you do them
  • you are the best in your field and bring you confidence

On the right side write out all the things that:

  • drain your energy and deplete your confidence
  • put you into resistance or cause you to procrastinate
  • don’t generate revenue or should be done by someone other than yourself
  • you are tolerating no longer!

Now look at this list and decide how can you focus 80% of your time and energy on the items on the left, while eliminating, outsourcing or even partnering with someone with those items on the right.

Your goal is to leverage the 80/20 Rule by spending 80% of your time on the things you love, are great at and bring you the most joy…and 20% of your time on those items on the right side. Use your Prep Days for the right side of “T” and watch what begins to happen with your energy and your income.

Identifying your unique talents, passions, abilities and then learning to leverage them and delegate/outsource everything else is an art…something that is crucial for you to learn and implement as soon as possible.

Exercise 2: Add your Power Days to your year long Perfect Life Calendar

  • Have you already booked all your Perfect Days and Power Days for the full year? This is one of the most powerful things you can do to start out your years with a bang. By scheduleing your Perfect Days first, you will stay rejuvenated (all your dates with special people including your self care and vacations), then your Prep Days to clean up messes and get organized for wonderful Perfect Days and Power Days.
  • Do the Math: Now what you have left is your Power Days. Divide these number of days by what you plan on earning this year and you will see just how much your time is worth per day. Divide that by your billable hours, and you will see what you are worth hourly.
  • Now ask yourself if you still want to be doing $10 adn $15/hour work?  No! 


There are two assessment that I recommend and use with my clients and staff. They each have a fee associated with them and are well worth the investment.

  • If you invest in either one of these assessments and then send me your results at, I will invest 30 minutes of my time into a Complimentary Strategy Coaching Session with you – a $150 value. Neither of these are personality profiles.  They are unique and that’s why I use them. Check them out and see which is best for you:

Kolbe A– This is such a powerful assessment because it will help you identify what you will and will not do period. Once you see this begin to follow the path of least resistance while building your confidence you will begin to see results so much quicker. This assessment will help you find out where to focus and where to delegate/outsource. Great for team building…do it on your entire team. There is also a great video tutorial to take you through your results:

Wealth Dynamics – There are 8 primary ways we make money and this assessment show us the exact strategy we need to follow to build wealth. Successful entrepreneurs know where to focus their energy, time and money to build wealth, learn how this process works and find out your wealth profile:

I hope these three tools help you create your perfect life so you can live with more purpose, passion AND prosperity. My mission is helping people make a difference in the world through their dreams, their work and their legacies!

With joy and gratitude,

Katana Abbott, CFP, CSA
Founder and Midlife Millionaire Mentor

P.S. You can access Step 1 (Perfect Days) and Step 2 (Prep Days) here!

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