What is YOUR relationship with money?

“No matter how rich, smart or successful a woman is, until she heals her relationship with money she’ll often find herself sabotaging her true health, wealth and happiness in life.”
~ Katana Abbott, CFP®

How you do money is how you do everything.

Let me explain…

  • Does worrying about it keep you up at night?
  • Do you ignore it or try not to think about it?
  • Do you feel bad after you spend it?
  • Have you built up a mountain of debt and feel embarrassed, frustrated, or angry?
  • Perhaps you have no feelings about money–almost as if it’s play money?
  • Maybe you simply undercharge for your services or are being underpaid?
  • Are you afraid to shine, to express your true essence and stand in your power?
  • Or maybe your biggest fear is that you’ll lose it all even though you have plenty?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, don’t worry, because you are in the perfect place.  For the last 30 years, I have personally helped hundreds of women create wealth and lives they love by transforming their relationship with money.

I’m Katana Abbott. I am a Certified Financial Planner™, professional and a Life and Legacy Wealth Coach. I’m a contributing author of three books and the host of Smart Women Talk Radio™ with over a million subscribers. Rising from a life of poverty myself, I know too well the struggles of trying to achieve financial security. I figured it out, and at 48, I sold my million-dollar financial planning practice to launch Smart Women’s Coaching® where I offer private wealth coaching and transformational retreats to Costa Rica and Panama, as well as my nonprofit, Smart Women’s Empowerment, where I inspire and teach women to unlock their financial power. My passion is helping women create true prosperity and a life they love… and now it’s your time to reach out and take my hand as I lead you through this sacred process I’ve created:

During your private 90 minute Money Breakthrough Coaching Session we will:

  • Identify the hidden money beliefs that are holding you back from your true brilliance
  • Discover your Money Personality (there are five types)
  • Heal your relationship with your money and yourself through powerful energy work
  • Help you stop the money drama so you can experience inner peace and confidence
  • Give you permission to quickly break through to your next level of income and joy no matter where you’re starting from
  • Create a step-by-step plan to attract, keep, and grow more money into your life

This is what a few of my clients are saying about this process with me:

“After working with Katana, I am enjoying myself more than ever and my closing ration for new patients has soared to 70%. Katana has inspired me to new confidence resulting in increased business and more importantly, increased personal happiness.” Dr. Susan Sklar

Anti-Aging Expert , Sklar Center

“Two very significant things have shifted for me since my Money Breakthrough Coaching Session with Katana –my relationship with money and my relationship with my mother. Now I have a newfound sense of security, regardless of external circumstances.  I have begun to spend money differently, choosing things that really feed my soul. I am SO glad that I had this session with you. This is only the beginning!” Pam Campbell

Spiritual Coach and Healer

Working with Katana in a very laser session about my relationship with money and my money personality brought a seismic shift in my understanding of my belief not only around money, but what I believe is possible for me. This work is the final piece (and peace) of the puzzle. Incredible work can be done with Katana if you’re willing to show up and allow her to use her experience, tools, wisdom and intellect. From chaos to clarity is exactly what happened for me. Thank you Katana – I’m thrilled with what we did (and will continue to do) together!”

Vicky Trabosh

Executive Coach & International Speaker

By taking this step right now you will be one step closer to:

  • Getting out of debt and staying out of debt
  • Charging what you deserve and earning what you are worth
  • Identifying, forgiving, and releasing old money habits so you can soar
  • Respecting and appreciating your money so you can attract more

 There are five Money Types:

Security * Status * Recognition * Love * Value

During our time together you we will identify you money personality type, discover where and when it was formed, how it may be effecting you negatively or positively today and then we will spend time clearing any disempowering beliefs. My clients often experience miracles and shifts that cannot be explained. It’s a very sacred process and I’m honored to do this work.

“Thank you, Katana, for the wonderful Money Breakthrough Coaching Session. You made it easy and safe to talk about things that I rarely speak to anyone about. You gave me insights into my own behaviors, from a soul vantage point, with which I think I will be able to move ahead in new and positive ways. You offered both practical recommendations and genuine encouragement. I actually feel lighter and more empowered from our conversation – as well as authentically supported. I’m most grateful.” Carol McCaffrey

Program Creator, Performer, Writer, Earth and Animal Advocate

“During my money personality session with Katana, I was able to shift a very old pattern of playing small along with the fear of letting my light shine too brightly. At the time, I was unclear as to where and what I wanted to do with my business. Her enthusiasm and belief in me has been very motivating. As a counselor, I’m used to being the one in the supporting role.  It has been nice to be on the receiving end and to be the one being supported for a change. Denise Dale

Denise Dale Counseling Services DeniseDale.com

“If you are ready to quickly and effectively leave disempowering beliefs behind, a private Money Personality Breakthrough Session with Katana is a must. Katana quickly honed in and helped me clear a key residual belief that was still showing up and blocking my potential. Although I had previously worked on this issue with other capable professionals, , Katana accurately pinpointed some remnants of my false belief that were directly tied to my relationship with money. We were able to move through and release it once and for all! This session was worth every penny and more. Amazing!” Chris Baxla-Lewandowski

Communications, Ink

“I had my Money Breakthrough Coaching Session with Katana today and it was phenomenal. Her laser focus helped me discover what my core disempowering beliefs around money are. As well as help me discover what my core way of dealing with money has been in my life. She was spot on in her assessment and she gave me more clarity of focus. Now I can pay attention to and notice when I am coming from a disempowering belief and then choose differently (than I have in the past). I highly recommend her services and cannot wait for her new course coming soon. Thank you Katana for helping me step into my new power with money!!” Christina Nitschmann

Bonus Gift #1: How to Breakthrough your Fears and Step Into Your Brilliance! A six page workbook and training video where I share five of the most powerful exercises you can do to increase your confidence, clarity and income.  We all face self-doubt and it’s time to break through your limiting beliefs and allow more abundance to flow effortlessly with joy and grace. $50 Value


 Bonus Gift #2: Clearing Your Money Clutter! In this Masterclass, you will learn how to break free of unconscious, self-sabotaging money habits and beliefs, and gain control of your relationship with money by understanding the five money personalities and why it’s important to know which one you are. $50 value


Bonus Gift #3: An mp3 recording of our 90-Minute Private Money Breakthrough Coaching Session PLUS a full color 2-page PDF of your Money Personality Card. This card outlines your Desire, your Challenge, your Disempowering Belief, New Empowering Beliefs, Affirmations, and ways you sabotage your money and your life, as well as suggestions for taking action. $50 value

Let me help you identify the money struggles and beliefs that are holding you back from moving
to the next income level, living with joy and earning what you deserve. We will work together and you will leave renewed with a new step-by-step plan.

Your Money Breakthrough Coaching Session and BONUS Gifts are valued at $525

Your special limited time investment is just $297 (save $228)

Yes Katana, I’m ready for my personal Money Breakthrough Coaching Session and am ready to finally step forward and Unlock My Financial Power!

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With gratitude,

Katana Abbott, CFP®, CSA
Life and Legacy Wealth Coach
Founder, Smart Women’s Coaching® and Midlife Millionaires®


P.S. Don’t waste another day tolerating a path that keeps you struggling financially, stuck and unable to sleep at night. Why keep living a life that drains your energy and zaps your joy when you can say “yes” to living with ease, joy and abundance?

Give yourself this special gift today!

“Katana is wise, compassionate, and knowledgeable.  My Money Breakthrough Coaching Session with her was an important first step in changing my relationship with money.  I now have a better understanding about: (1) the places and behaviors that keep me financially stuck and (2) a realistic path to creating greater prosperity and peace of mind.

Rhonda Pretzlaff Diegel, Ph.D., LP

Yoga instructor, retreat leader