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Purposeful Work — The New Retirement Solution



How do you really want to spend the second half of your life? Is your goal to retire someday or perhaps you’re planning on working forever? Have you ever thought about what it would be like to get paid to follow your passion and fulfill your life purpose — would it even be considered work anymore?

In a recent “Retirement Confidence Survey” conducted by  the Employee Benefits Research Institute they asked “How confident are you about Retirement?”

The results were:  

American workers are more pessimistic about their ability to retire comfortably than at any time since the survey began about 20 years ago.

The lack of confidence may actually be good news, according to EBRI, because it means Americans may be waking up to the realities of retirement including the need to save more than they are currently.

  • According to the survey about one‐third of workers tapped their retirement savings to pay for day‐to‐day expenses and many of them didn’t have much saved in the first place.
  • Just 59% of workers are currently saving for retirement and one‐half of them have less than $25,000 tucked away, according to the survey.

Work is the new retirement. This new awareness of the cost of retirement may be one reason that many people ‐‐ of all ages and income levels ‐‐ are planning to work after they retire.

  • A recent Gallup Poll found that about 80% of Americans plan to work during retirement.
  • Most plan to work part‐time, although some say they may need to work full‐time just to make ends meet.

The silver lining, for those who were looking forward to a retirement of full‐time leisure, is that people who continue to work during retirement often experience better health than those who don’t work, according to studies cited on  

  • As long as the work remains low stress, retirees who labor are less likely to suffer from major diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. They are also less likely to become depressed.

This is great news…because I see many of us continuing to work – but doing something we absolutely love…I call this Retiring To Something Not From Something…and I have a whole program around this!

I love Costa Rica…and have been there six times and I may even live there someday.  In fact, just last March I took 10 women on a seven day Create Your Perfect Life Retreat.  The experience was transformational and many of the women are reinventing their lives.  It’s an amazing and spiritual place.  One of the places I visit, the Nicoya Peninsula, is known as one of the Blue Zones in the world.  A place known for the highest number of centenarians – people 100 years or older.

After looking into this, I learned that these were the key factors for the local people known as Ticos’ amazing longevity and happiness:

  • A strong sense of community.
  • Organic, vine ripened fruits and vegetables
  • Fresh, high mineral content (like calcium) in the water
  • And lifetime physical labor



When I was in Costa Rica with my daughter for her 18th birthday, we noticed how happy all the “Ticoswere even though most of us in the US would say they were living in poverty. 

Our condo overlooked the ocean, and one day we were sitting in the shade and looking across the street watching this group of Ticos working on the hot roof in the 95 degree sun.

They were mixing cement by hand and building these pillars, climbing ladders and pouring the cement into these handmade structures bucket by bucket. It seems just grueling…and you know what they were doing?  Singing!  They live very simply and work very hard, but they are joyful too. 

At night, they pile into the back of pickups to go home on dusty dirt roads to very simple lifestyles.  But they are happy and this is the key!

I believe that the “New Retirement” for most of us will consist of a simpler lifestyle with less consumerism and working at something we are passionate about – that allows us to fulfill our life purpose – even making a difference in the world.  And I see us doing this into our mid to late 70’s.  Look around you and you will see many vibrant 70 year olds doing amazing things and having fun.  Remember, we will probably end up living into our late 80s and 90s. 

This could provide several important financial benefits:

Working longer could allow you to delay how soon you take your Social Security benefits.

  •  In fact your benefit grows by approximately 8% each year from age 62 (the earliest age you can begin collecting) until age 70. Claiming at age 70 instead of age 62 increases your lifetime monthly benefit by 76%

It will allow you to grow your retirement nest egg, rather than taking income so early.

  • Let’ say you have $500,000 at 60 years old.  Allowing it to continue to grow at 7% per year means it could double in 10 years or age 70 making you a millionaire.

It could even allow you to increase your defined pension employer benefits.

So some individuals may choose to stay employed longer while others will choose to retire, reinvent and follow their calling creating what some call a Second Act.  In the next weeks, I will be writing in more detail about some of these successful second acts and sharing stories of individuals who are creating wealth, making a difference and living a live they truly love.

I’ve created a free 30 minute video where I share not only my story, but the step by step process called The Six Pillars of Awakened Prosperity System™ that I use to help my clients create their perfect life and business.  I hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends!  

Watch it here!

image002Katana Abbott, CFP® is a Life and Legacy Wealth Coach™, international retreat leader, radio show host, speaker and author. At 48, with over $100 million in assets under management, she sold her financial planning business to her partner of 15 years.  She left to follow her calling, reinvent herself, and to create her perfect life and business (and so can you). With 30 years of financial and business experience, she can help you create wealth, make a difference and live a life you love!

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Clarity the Secret to Confidence, Wealth and Happiness

As summer is coming to a close, many of us are looking at our year end goals and asking ourselves how am I going to do what I want to do, whether it’s about money, career, relationships or health.  Sometimes seeing just how far we need to go can feel overwhelming and we can lose confidence, feel discouraged and even go into fear.

Six-PillarsWe all know that operating at this level will never get us what we want, because, “we get what we focus on most”.   So if we are operating from a mindset of it’s impossible, too much work, I don’t know how, I don’t have the money or the support, then that’s exactly what we are going to get.  It’s a spiritual law, the Universe always gives us what we ask for. 

The Problem:  According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, to author of The Biology of Belief, 95% of the time, we are operating from the subconscious level of our mind, so our “little child” is running the show with lots of negative self talk and disempowering beliefs that are meant to keep us safe.

This voice keeps us from the having clarity and confidence to do what we really want to do.  My client put it best in our session a few weeks ago when she said, “When I don’t have clarity, I get muddled and go into a dark place.”  Can you relate to this?

So what do we do to get clarity? 

I have a process called The Six Pillars of Awakened Prosperity System

  • Pillar #1 The Dream where you create your vision.  It’s where you want to go.  If you don’t have clarity about what you want and where you want to end up, how do you expect to activate the power of the Universe?  How will others know what you want so they can support you?  This is so crucial.  It’s where you start.
  • Pillar #2 Discovery is where you get clarity about who you are, why you are here, what you came to do (your purpose and mission).  These are huge concepts that create your foundation to your integrity, your platform and your values.  This is also where you identify roadblocks and challenges.
  • Pillar #3 The Leap is where you simply make a decision and work through the fear around it. You don’t need to know how yet.  This is where The Voice will get very loud telling you every reason why you should play it safe.  You certainly what support here.
  • Pillar #4 The Plan is the point that you create the actual steps, your team, develop systems, you analyze, whether it’s your health, your money, your business or your relationships you are working on.  This is where you will also want help from experts and a mentor.  Don’t try to do this on your own. 
  • Pillar #5 The Dance is where it begins to get fun because you are finally implementing and testing.  This is all about making mistakes and this is where you learn and grow.  This is also where you will want to have support so you don’t give up.
  • Pillar #6 is Mastery.  Yes, at one point we finally reach mastery.  You have mastered the task whether it is creating wealth, getting out of debt, creating a business, writing your book and becoming a bestselling author, or taking charge of your health. 

What happens when you reach Mastery?   You will have a new dream and begin the whole process again.  Feel free to watch my free 30 minute video.  Then if you want to go deeper, you are invited to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session to help you reach those year-end goals with clarity and confidence.  Isn’t it time to create wealth, make a difference and live a life you love?  




Katana Abbott, CFP®, is a Life and Legacy Coach™, and founder of the Six Pillars of Awakened Prosperity System™, the proven step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to create wealth, make a difference and live the life you love.  To get your F.R.E.E. Video Course and receive her weekly money, mindset and manifesting articles on attracting more wealth, joy and ease into your life, visit


Smart Women Tip #10: It’s Never Too Late to Become a Millionaire


In our recent Smart Women Survey, almost 38% of women said that their biggest challenge is money or their finances.  Today, I want to share something that happened to me last week when I went to visit my hairdresser, Rachel DeMar.


Rachel told me that she was celebrating her 10 year anniversary since she received her chair (as a hairdresser).  After congratulating her, I asked her if she had ever set up that retirement account we talked about a few years ago.  I had suggested that she talked to her bank about setting up a Roth IRA.

She hadn’t, so I said let’s take a look at how much she would have today had sheset up a savings account 10 years ago at 22 years old.  I asked her how much could she save a day in her tips.  She said she could easily save $20.  I said so let’s assume you saved $20/day five days a week for the last 10 years and assumed a 10% rate of return.

I pulled up David Bach’s Latte Factor Calculator on Google and inserted the numbers.  I told her it would be $91,000. Now of course, this is just a hypothetical return, but I wanted to make a point. 

Now the other ladies stopped working and were gathering around.  Then I told her, “What if we started today and saved that same $100 per week for the next 30 years or until she was 62 and used the same 10% hypothetical return?”  The total was $940,000.  They all like this.

Then I said, “Now let’s pretend you did start that account 10 years ago and had that $91,000 today and decided to never save another penny, but just let that 91,000 grow in a retirement account and it earned 10% every year for the next 30 years.  How much would that grow to?”  The answer surprised them all.  It was over $1.500,000 or 1.5 million dollars.  Remember, this is using a hypothetical return and actual returns are based on the investment choices and their actual returns

You may be asking what if I am 40 or 50 years old?  Is it too late for me?  It’s never too late to become a millionaire.  You just need to save more. 

Here is a chart that shows the value of starting early as well as how it’s still possible to become a millionaire by age 65, if you start now.  Again, I used the same 10 annual rate of return to be consistent

Age                                                        Daily Savings                                       Yearly Savings
20                                                                  $4.00                                                        $1,460

30                                                                  $11.00                                                       $4.015

40                                                                  $30.00                                                       $10,950

50                                                                  $95.00                                                        $34,675


There are 3 secrets to building financial security and creating wealth.  It’s never too late:

  1. Start now and be consistent.  Remember, it’s never too late.
  2. Pay yourself first.  Create a budget and put yourself at the top of the list.  Make sure you are paying yourself before you spend money on anything else. 
    • I suggest beginning with saving 10% for emergency or a cash reserve until you have six months built up.  And keep adding to this because you know you will be dipping into now and then for emergencies. That’s what it’s for.   
    • Then set up a 2nd savings account for fun.  This includes your long term goals like big ticket items, vacations, and things for your home.
    • The third is one you will never touch. and I would put at least 10% or more (see the chart above).  This is the account you will be building for your retirement.  You will want to meet with a financial person about setting this up because the other accounts can be simple bank accounts. This is the one you will want to create as your investment portfolio.
  3. Never give up.  No matter where you are today, all you need to do is get started.  Get help if you are in debt. There are options for you.  Start saving something every day, every week, even if it’s just $10.  Create a vision board, create a budget, meet with a financial planner.  Get help.  It’s out there for you.  Read a great book about money like Barbara Stanny’s “Over Coming Underearning”. 

I hope this article is inspiring for you.  Please share it with all the young people. Show them the Latte Factor Calculator.  Starting early and being consistent is the biggest secret.  But start now!

I’m Retiring in Costa Rica…what’s your plan?

Katana Retirement

Katana’s Retirement

Last week, we began updating our financial plan, and I asked you some questions  about your personal retirement plan.  Did it get you thinking?  With over 80% of Americans planning to work at least part time in retirement to supplement their pensions, Social Security and savings, the idea of retiring to something – not from something™ is catching a lot of attention.

I am a huge fan of doing something you are passionate and talented at create income in retirement.

For the last 10 years, I have been telling people that are planning on living off their savings, that the most they should consider pulling from their investments to create income is 4% a year if they would like it to last for at least 30 years.

  • This means that if you have $1 million saved at age 65, you would only want to pull $40,000 per year or $3500 per month.
  • Well according to David Blanchett, head of retirement research at Morningstar Investment Management, “We have to question that 4% assumption“. He says that withdrawal rate would only give clients a 50% chance of their assets lasting 30 years. A 2.8% annual withdrawal rate is more realistic, he adds.

What this means is that if you have $1 million in assets, you should only be pulling $28,000 per year to make sure it lasts at least 30 years.  This is certainly not a millionaire lifestyle!

I am not saying stop saving. By all means, continue to build up not only cash reserves, but start maxing out your 401(k) savings and IRAs.  You are going to want to have as much cash as possible, so continue to invest.

The secret to building this type of retirement plan is starting early, so you can take advantage of the “time-value” of money. For example, to save $1 million by age 65 (assuming a very generous 10 percent annual rate of return), take a look at the different amounts you would need to save, depending on how late you started to invest in your savings:
Age                                                        Daily Savings                                       Yearly Savings
20                                                                  $4.00                                                        $1,460

30                                                                  $11.00                                                       $4.015

40                                                                  $30.00                                                       $10,950

50                                                                  $95.00                                                        $34,675


What do you do if you don’t have “The Gift of Time” on your side?  Then I suggest your access “The Gift of Experience“.  By the time we are in our 50s, 60 and 70s, we all have amazing wisdom and experience that we can leverage to create income to supplement our retirement income.   The key is finding out what we are passionate at and skilled at, and then creating a smart plan to generate income.

So why did I suggest last week was to “find your stuff” and to get organized?

  • I want you to pull all your investment statements, pension statements, your social security statements so you can see what you have.
  •  Once you see what you have, you can work with a financial advisor or a financial calculator to see how much you will have out into the future.
  • By doing this, you will be able to see how much you need to earn to create the lifestyle you want.

The key is to start somewhere.  See where you stand today based on where you are.  Then you can create a strategy.  My strategy is to spend my winters living in Costa Rica or Panama where the cost of living is very low, and I can lead my retreats which I love, and have access to high quality health care at a fraction of the cost of what we pay here.

The old paradigm:  “Retirement” is when you have enough INCOME and ASSETS so working is optional and retirement is affordable.

The new paradigm:  “Retire to Something – Not From Something” by creating lifetime income (preferably passive) doing something you love to supplement your pensions, Social Security and savings.

Next week, let’s talk about different retirement income strategies.  In the meantime,  try to get a “picture” of what your retirement goals are as well as what the future looks like based on where you are today using all those statements you pulled out this week.   Try using the financial calculator above and see what you find out.

Could You Become a Midlife Millionaire?

highlightedquoteA few years ago, I was interviewed on the topic, It’s Never Too Late to Become a Midlife Millionaire, by a brilliant interviewer, Lorwai Lan, on her radio show, Your Money and Your Mindset. Just a few weeks ago, she sent me an email saying that our interview had been the #1 downloaded podcast on the CEM network with over 30,000 downloads, so I went back and listened to it. It really was a great interview, and I invite you to listen yourself by clicking here.

One of the things that we talk about in the interview of course is mindset. The idea of mindset is so important, because unless you have a healthy relationship with money, no matter how much you make or have, you will never be able to keep it, grow it or feel secure and joyful about it. This is why 70% of lottery winners squander away their winnings within a few years. We have all heard these stories and think, “I’d never do that!” Oh really?

We also know that when new wealth is created in families, there is a 90% probability that all the wealth will be gone by the third generation. It’s known as “Shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations”.

So what is your mindset around money? If you received a large sum – millions of dollars, could you hold on to it? You say yes, but how are you treating the money that you have today? Do you respect and appreciate it? To create, grow and keep wealth, you will a healthy relationship with it and an action plan.

How does this idea of “Becoming a Midlife Millionaire” feel too you?

  • Does it make you feel uncomfortable or does it feel too unrealistic?
  • What would your friends and family think of you if you were really rich?
  • Does the word millionaire seem too materialist or masculine?
  • What were you told growing up about money; Was it money doesn’t grow on trees or money is the root of all evil?
  • Are you triggered negatively by the idea of having a lot of money or those who already have it?

Our relationship with money – how we feel about it AND what we do with it – will have a profound effect on every area of our lives, because until we develop a truly sacred relationship with it and that means both the “Inner Work” and the “Outer Work” of money, we will never be able to ask for what we are worth, keep what we do earn, invest confidently to make it grow, or feel secure and confident about it once we have it.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women who have come to me to get help with their money and we always start with the “Inner Work”. If you are struggling with your relationship with money, thinking it’s too late to become wealthy, waiting for someone else to solve your financial problems, hoping the issues will go away by simply ignoring them, or going deeper and deeper into debt, even being afraid to spend it, or invest it, then it’s time to take action.

So the “Inner Work” is identifying our beliefs and disempowering beliefs around money, and then shifting, healing and releasing those beliefs while creating new empowering beliefs AND actions.

The “Outer Work” is what you are doing with your money. Are you getting paid what you are worth, do you respect it, are you saving and investing for your future?

No matter where you are in your life, there is hope. I can promise you this one thing. There is always hope and there is always a solution. So where do you start?

Step #1: Start with the Inner Work- your beliefs around money. What has been coming up while you were reading this article? I’ve helped hundreds of women heal their relationship with money by helping you identify your money personality which is based on your disempowering belief and your biggest challenge.

money in handsThere are 5 money personalities:

  • Value (I need to prove I am good enough)
  • Status (Whatever I achieve is not enough)
  • Love (I need to do whatever it takes to get love)
  • Security (I never know when what I have may be taken from me)
  • Recognition (I need to prove I’m right)

Once you identify your disempowering belief, challenge and personality, then it is time to release, forgive and heal. This process could take years or if done with a professional, it can be instantaneous. It’s truly step number one. This one step will shift everything. I’ve seen it happen with hundreds of women, frequently with immediate almost magical results.

Step #2: Now you can begin the Outer Work – Taking Action. So this is where you begin to look at where you stand and where you want to go. It’s time to be brutally honest, to clean up messes, set goals, and get the help you need. Steps could include:

Step #3: Don’t give up. Don’t try to do this part alone. Get support and surround yourself with like minded women who are on the same path. You can do this by joining our free Smart Women Community. There are Facebook Groups, free resources, 100 days of inspiration, weekly inspirational radio shows, and online forums.

I believe in you. I have been there and know how to do this. I have surrounded myself with dozens of supporters and they are all part of this community of smart, successful women who are willing to reach out and help each other. Check out these free resources and let us know how you transform. We want to hear from you!

The 3 Biggest Mistakes with Your IRA

Years and years ago, I started my first IRA when I was in my 20s.  I am going to date myself, but it was back when interest rates were double digits.  I still remembered how excited my husband and I were when we each invested $2000 into our Individual Retirement Accounts or IRAs.

A traditional IRA is basically an account that allows you to set funds away for retirement and the money will grow tax deferred, meaning you won’t have to pay income taxes on it until you take it out.  In addition, you are able to deduct that investment from your income on your tax return.  It’s a pretty cool deal especially if you start saving when you are very young.

Take a look at this chart on Dave Ramsey’s website called Junior’s Clubhouse that shows not only the power of compound interest, but the power of starting early.  I was so excited to have found this chart. I suggest that you print it out and share it with all the young people that you know.

Secret of Compound Interest:

In the link above, basically the first person starts their IRA with $2000 at age 19 and stops at 26 (total investment is $16,000).  The second person waits till they are 27 and continues to save until they are 65 (total investment is $76,000). At age 65:

  • the person who invest $16,000 has $2.2 million
  • and person who invested $76,000 has $1.5 million

Why is this?  It’s because of the power of compound interest and starting early!

Those IRAs that my husband and I started at age 26, would be worth $28,000 today each at a 10% return.   This is just one terrific way to accumulate wealth.

There are 3 mistakes that I see people make with their IRA accounts:

  • The first mistake is to simply not have one.  One of the big issues is see with many women is that they love to make money and they love to spend it.  Saving let alone investing is not a big agenda item.  If you are earning money and do not have a tax deferred retirement plan, I suggest going to your financial planner or your bank immediately and setting one up.  You can talk to the advisor about the appropriate type of IRA because there is also a Roth IRA which does not get a tax deduction, still grows tax deferred and the income comes out tax free.  The advisor can also help you select an appropriate investment vehicle for the IRA account.  Sometimes you can set these up with very little money and even add as little as $100 per month.  Just get started.
  • The second mistake I see people making is not being diversified.  Again, get some advise on how to invest your money.  There are mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds that operate like a mutual fund by giving you diversification.  The goal is to have variety of investments based on your age and risk tolerance.  In addition, you want to look at the investment cycles.  Right now, bonds have been on a 30 year bull cycle because of falling interest rates.  Investing in bonds at this time could actually be very risky because when interest rates go up, bonds can lose a lot of value.  So please get some advise from an expert and then re-balance your portfolio annually.
  • The last mistake people make is with their beneficiaries.  Just this week, I was reviewing my Self Directed IRA account where I own real estate and a non publicly traded stock.  When I opened the account, the company was called Entrust.  A few years later, Entrust was taken over by Quest IRA.  To my surprise, Quest did not have my beneficiary designation on file.  It always makes me chuckle when I see something like this happening to me because I am a Certified Financial Planner and should know better, right?  So with all the consolidations and mergers, it’s really important to check out those beneficiary designations.  IRAs avoid probate and in many cases when structured appropriately, the tax benefits can roll over to the recipient at death.  If the beneficiary designation is not correct, it can have dreadful tax consequences.

So those are my 3 IRA tips:  Start one — Diversify — Update those Beneficiaries.

I will go deeper on these topics in future articles.  If you have any questions feel free to make a comment or schedule a complimentary consultation at



Creating your Perfect Life as a Female Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, I absolutely love working from home.  I spent my first 10 years working from my car, door to door in sales, and the next 20 in a corner office in corporate.  My dream was to turn my vocation into my vacation, so I have created a new work environment that for me is perfect.

Me & Lizzy on the boat

I live on a lake and am surrounded by gardens at the end of a private road, so I have peace and serenity.  During the long winter months, I lead spiritual life purpose and adventure retreats to Costa Rica.  My husband and I even have a villa in Panama five weeks out of the year…again, surrounded by rain forest, ocean and serenity.

This was no accident.  My husband and I have worked very hard over the years to be able to live this lifestyle today.  We created our first financial plan in our 20s, began investing into our retirement plans, and have been very thoughtful about our relationship with money.

Through my husband’s career, he has provided the health insurance and his retirement, includes a pension plan.  These have been a foundational piece of our financial planning.  This gave me the opportunity to take more risks and become an entrepreneur.

I think owning a business is one of the best ways to create wealth.  It is not, however, for the faint of heart or for those with little or no funding.  Studies show that many women use their savings, even 401 (k) plans where they are hit with penalties and taxes or even their credit cards to fund their businesses.  To do this right, it will take planning, time and money to create a truly successful business.

Almost every successful entrepreneur has experienced all or most of these steps in creating a successful business:

  • Worked very, very hard doing what others refuse to do to make it work.
  • Stepped out of their comfort zone and take risks.
  • Hired a consultant or coach who so they could “learn the system” saving years and years of trial and error.
  • Experienced huge failures, lost money, made money, lost it again — but they did not give up, and they finally figured it out.

According to GoForFunding, many women entrepreneurs are an average age of 40-60 years old because they have had previous careers in other areas. Their primary goal is not monetary reward but rather personal satisfaction and community involvement. Many of them are educated and assemble into groups in order to pool business ideas and resources together. This is the idea behind our free Smart Women’s Coaching Community.  You don’t need to do this alone.  If you aren’t a member of our free community yet, you can join us now by visiting

Being an entrepreneur is very rewarding.  I believe it’s one of the best ways to actually get paid to do what you love while making a difference in the world.  The secret is:

  • creating systems
  • leveraging a team
  • and creating a business that can run without you or at least virtually!

If you want to talk about your dream, feel free to schedule a complementary session with me at     This is my passion, and my purpose in life so I’d love to hear from you!


What we can learn from the Sims™ game.

Written by guest contributor Michelle Hutchinson

My daughter and I play a game on our iPad called Sims FreePlay™. I’m sure you’ve heard of this game. It’s where you build a computer animated town and fill it with people – or Sims as they are called. Each person has their own personality, house, wardrobe, hobby, and career.  You advance through the game by increasing skills in your hobby and your career and gain money and lifestyle points along the way.  The more you practice your hobby the more lifestyle points you earn and the more you practice your career skills the more advance you become and the more money you make.  Sounds a little like real life, doesn’t it?

For example, one career in our town is a Firefighter. To become the Fire Chief they must practice this skill over and over so they can advance to the next level.  There are other careers in this town but it wouldn’t do this particular Sim any good to practice one of the other trades – because they are a firefighter.  They need to keep their focus on firefighting.  The Jack of all Trades career is not an option in this game, nor should it be in real life.

There’s a lot we could learn from this animated town. For one, the more we practice and engage in our hobbies and friends the more lifestyle points we earn and the happier we are.  And two, the more we practice and stick to our specific job the more we advance in that career.   Our Sims don’t have a choice of what career path they must follow, I assign one to them.  You, however, do have the option to choose.

Do you love your job and the career path you’re on?  Then follow it and practice getting better at that job.  Take training, read books, get more involved and gain the skills needed to make that career even better.  You may have many skills, don’t we all, but hone in on one in particular and then become the expert that other people come to and that you become known for.

On the other hand, what if you say you don’t like your current job or career path?  Then ask yourself, why would you spend any time getting better at something you don’t even enjoy?  Why not take that energy and focus on something that makes you happy.  There must be something in your current job that you like or are good at or you would have never been hired.  What is it?  Can you take that skill and make something out of it?

I’ll give you an example.  I use to drag myself into work every day.  Even though at one point I really enjoyed my job, I had grown to dread Mondays. When I finally made that decision that I was no longer going to settle in my life, I took a moment to identify that part of my job that I liked and that I was naturally great at.  It turned out to be efficiency.  I was really good at helping the other departments streamline their processes and save time.  I enjoyed helping them. This became the one skill that I was going to focus on and become the expert that people would know me for. And that’s what I’ve done.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is it that you want to do with your life?
  • What would it take for you to wake up on Monday happy and ready to start your week?
  • What is it that you could do all day and just completely lose track of time?
  • Now identify how can you make money doing that.

The Law of Attraction says that what you focus on you’ll receive more of. So if your focus is on hating your job, that’s what you will get more of – hating your job.

So make your focus “loving what you do” and just imagine what you’ll begin receiving.

If you need help here make sure you download our free workbook on “Breakthrough Your Fears and Step Into Your Brilliance.”

The exercises in this workbook will help you identify what your unique abilities and strengths are, and may even help you identify your new career path.


Is Entrepreneurship the New Women’s Movement?

Women are making great strides in entrepreneurship.  We are starting businesses at a higher than men now and according to research women will create over half of the 9.72 million new small business jobs expected to be created by 2018.  That’s only 5 years away!

So where will you be in 5 years?

Will you be closer to your dream or still running from it?

 “Within our dreams and aspirations we find our opportunities.” ~ Sue Atchley Ebaugh

I think what this quote means is that if you’re looking to start a business but not sure what to do – look to your dreams first.  Listen to that voice inside of you that is trying to tell you…are you listening to it?

Many women today are starting their own businesses to live the life they want.  They want the freedom that a home based business brings them.  Imagine a life where you are spending your days doing what you love.  Are you imagining it?  What does it look like?  Where is that feeling in your body?

If that feeling gets you excited than you’re ready!

So here’s your exercise today…

  1. Get Clarity: If you haven’t already downloaded our free workbook “How to Breakthrough your Fears and Step Into Your Brilliance” workbook than that is the first start.  This workbook will help you identify your strengths and give you some clarity into a potential business opportunity.
  2. Stop Wanting:  You will need to shift your mindset from “I want” to “I have”.  Wanting things only manifests more want in your life. You have to believe it to be yours. Write down how many times a day you say “I want” then shift that to “I have”.
  3. Shift your energy: We spend too much time in our head thinking and not enough time in our body feeling.  When you have trouble with all the “mind clutter” take a moment to breath or meditate.  Take deep breaths and release those thoughts.  Become conscious of your surroundings.  Listen to our interview with Joshua Bloom and Quantum Energy shifting and read through these last few articles to get Some great tips.
    Are you feeling the shift?
    Life Detours
    Three steps to manifesting


When the new research comes out in 2018 will you be in that statistic?  Will you be one of the new small businesses owned by women?  I believe in you…do you?

To help you get started I have a fabulous home study course and for a limited time I am including a 30 minute clarity session with me.  And in my upcoming ezine I’ll have a special coupon for this program.  So if you’re not receiving those visit right now and sign up!

Visit www.GetClarityNow.Com for more information about this home study course.

Are you feeling “The Shift”?

I was talking with a friend yesterday who told me that she had lunch with several women in their 50s and 60s who were all talking about their “Dream Jobs”. 

This is the new paradigm ladies!  We are being called to step into our greatness like no time before and it is creating all kinds of stress, self-doubt, overwhelm and anxiety because even though our soul is calling out to be heard, our ego is trying to protect us and keep us safe.

The problem is that playing it safe or playing small is no longer going to work and the more we try to stuff down these feelings, the more anxiety we will create. I know, I have been there, and it’s not a pretty site! Believe me.

What I am finding in the work I do, is that women are being called to step into their brilliance and to fully align themselves with their divine purpose – and that’s simply doing what you came here to do in an authentic way that brings you joy, ease and abundance. When you do this, life actually begins to flow and making money becomes fun and effortless.

It’s possible, and I have figured this out for myself.  I call it The Six Pillars of Awakened Prosperity System™.  It’s the process I have used over and over in my life.  It has helped me get to the next level every time and has brought me through some of the most difficult times in my life.

When we surrender to the process and look for the gift in every single experience, something magical happens. The gift becomes our greatest teacher.

Discovering our purpose may not be easy for some.  Like any journey, there are trials and tribulations.  There is a secret to this process, and it takes trust, support, and the guidance from someone who has taken the path before you.  Without this guidance and support it doesn’t matter how rich or successful you are, you end up with all kinds of self-doubt and limiting beliefs that slow you down and bring you to your knees.  It happens to all of us.

In fact, it just happened to me a few weeks ago, but I had a plan, and I took action immediately. 

I went to our Website and downloaded our free workbook called Breakthrough Your Fears and Step into Your Brilliance”.  I went through the workbook myself, right then and there and what I realized was if I was having this problem, then I knew others were too.  The more women I asked, the more I saw… this was a major issue.  If you haven’t already downloaded this free gift I recommend you visit now and get it.

The secret to living your joyful and abundant life is so simple if you follow the process.  We can’t wait to share this Six Pillars of Awakened Prosperity System™ with you!

I believe there is a huge spiritual shift happening on the planet both in how we make money, how we do business and how we live our daily lives.  We are shifting from competition to collaboration, community and co-creation.  Those who have learned how to be part of this process, rather than fight it are seeing huge shifts in every area of their lives.

Can you feel “The Shift”?



If you’re looking to gain clarity and help with this shift you may be interested in my home study course “Get Clarity Now”.  Visit for more information.



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